The goal of this column is to present news from around the world that is not often – if ever – covered by more mainstream entities, using local sources wherever possible, but occasionally using news aggregators not used, again, by the mainstream media. Also, please note that we do use links to Wikipedia; while Wikipedia is well-known as a largely-useless site for any kind of serious research, it does serve as a launch-pad for further inquiry, in addition to being generally free of malicious ads. As with anything from Wikipedia, always verify their sources before making any conclusions based on their pages.

This column will cover the preceding week of news.

To make it easier for readers to follow story source links: anytime you see a bracketed number marked in green – [1] – those are the source links relating to that story.


North America

Beginning in Canada this week, 19 year-old Michael Gatdula was arrested on multiple counts, after York Regional Police responded to a call to a shopping mall in Newmarket, Ontario, where they found a homemade incendiary device that had ignited, but caused no casualties and only minimal damage. Police canine units were apparently able to locate the suspect. [1]

Turning to the United States, volunteers at the office coordinating the recall campaign against Los Angeles County District Attorney, Democrat George Gascón, opened an envelope on the 23rd, that released a white powder into the room. HAZMAT and fire crews were immediately summoned, and determined the powdery substance to be baking soda. Police investigations are ongoing. DA Gascón’s office has not commented on the incident as of press time. [2]

Elsewhere, several businesses were evacuated in Laramie, WY, in what police are calling possible a “swatting” incident. A suspect – that police identified as a male, and who they do not believe was local to the Laramie area – called in a threat to Laramie Police at 5:08 PM MST, threatening to open fire on the area with a rifle, and stated that he had planted an explosive device in a car in the area. Police evacuated several restaurants, businesses and residences in the vicinity of the 200 Block of South 2nd Street in Laramie’s downtown area, while the police bomb squad searched the area, declaring an “all clear” at 7:15 PM. Police stated that they believed the suspect was observing their operations, as the area in question is covered by publicly-accessible webcams. [3]

In Lubbock, TX meanwhile, police found no explosives after a phoned-in bomb threat against the Lubbock Social Security Administration  building late on the morning of the 23rd. [4] This comes two days after police in nearby Lawton, OK confirmed that they had recovered a crude homemade explosive device placed next to a natural gas line in a residential area, forcing numerous temporary home evacuations. Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) teams from Fort Sill and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol assisted Lawton police in removing the device. The incident remains under investigation. [5]

In tiny Loomis, SD, just outside the city of Sioux Falls, police safely recovered what they called a “modified pressure cooker” from outside a residence. Police confirmed that they found “concerning” contents inside, but they did not specify what the contents might be. [6]

East of the Mississippi River, the Carmel, IN police headquarters was temporarily evacuated following a bomb threat on the 21st, but reopened following a sweep of the complex. [7] Just to their north, in Newaygo, MI, a citizen brought a device to City Hall that they had found on the side of the road, believing it to be a bomb, in an ill-advised attempt to protect the public. Michigan State Police have taken over the investigation into the device. [8]

PUBLIC SERVICE ADVISORY: If you come across something that you think may be some kind of explosive device, DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, touch it in ANY manner. Back up, call police, identify yourself, identify where the package is, and wait for police to arrive to advise them on its location. That is FAR more helpful than trying to pick up a device or – MUCH worse – attempt to defuse it yourself.


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In Norway, Norwegian police arrested 42-year old Iranian immigrant Zaniar Matapour following a deadly spree shooting attack at three locations in the capital city of Oslo, killing 2 and wounding 21, on the 25th. Police have categorized the attack as “Islamic Extremism“, and believe the attack targeted the country’s LGBT community. Matapour (rumored to have connections to the radical “Profetens Ummah” group – known to have actively recruited fighters for the Islamic State terror group) [1]-[3]

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In war-torn Mali, eight UN peacekeepers from Burkina Faso were wounded by a landmine blast while patrolling in the Timbuktu region on the 24th. The soldiers were evacuated to hospital. This comes as the Malian military announced that it had launched a series of operations against the Katiba Macina group, affiliated with al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb following their brutal massacre of over 130 civilians in the central part of the country, in retaliation for the Malian government’s use of the controversial Russian PMC known as the “Wagner Group“. Mali has been battling a growing Islamist insurgency since 2012. [1]-[4]

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In neighboring Nigeria, the long-running battle against the Boko Haram and ISWAP terror groups, as well as bandit gangs, continued this week, with numerous kidnappings, assassinations and firebomb attacks on everything from farmers and priests to police officers. The Nigerian Army, meanwhile, managed to intercept a convoy of stolen explosives in the eastern part of the country. [1]-[9]

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Across Nigeria’s eastern border, in Cameroon’s far north, government forces killed a Boko Haram terrorist in a skirmish, where two soldiers were wounded.


Across the continent, Somali National Army forces killed two Al Shabaab terrorists and captured four others in the country’s south. [1] Meanwhile, in the northern, semi-autonomous State of Puntland, Puntland Security Forces (PSF) announced that they had killed seven Islamic State militants, and captured seven more, in two operations. [2]

Somalia, only now beginning to stabilize after thirty years of conflict, remains divided, with Puntland maintaining its autonomy, while the nearby Republic of Somaliland steadfastly maintains its independence.

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Middle East

In Syria and Iraq this week, fighting continues, primarily artillery, rocket and drone strikes against Russian and Turkish forces in the region, as the never-ending war continues. The following Source-links are not exhaustive, but span the region as a representative sample. [1]-[7]

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South Asia

In Afghanistan, a bomb attached to a car killed two and wounded 28, including five members of the local Taliban authorities, in the country’s Nangarhar Province on the 20th. Fighting continues in the country after the Taliban’s 2021 seizure of power, following the messy and disorganized withdrawal of United States forces from the country.


In Pakistan, a series of attacks and shootouts across the nation claimed the lives of six reported terrorists, one police officer and one civilian, leaving nearly 15 more people wounded, including four police officers, in separate incidents. [1]-[4]

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Finally, turning to India‘s northern Jammu & Kashmir, security operations continue against Islamic terror groups infiltrating into the region from next-door Pakistan, as well as “5th Columnists” inside India, who provide safe-houses and logistical support to the terrorists. [1]-[6]

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Elsewhere in the country, the “Red Corridor” saw a sudden uptick in violence, as security forces engaged in scattered skirmishing against hardcore Maoist Naxals, in another chapter of the country’s long-running war against the Communist insurgents. In addition to killing and capturing several guerilla’s, and the surrenders of two wanted Maoists, three officers of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) were killed in an ambush in the Patadhara Reserve Forest, in the eastern state of Odisha, while security forces battled insurgents in the same region who were reportedly using a Light Machine Gun (LMG) of some kind. [7]-[12]

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