We are building a very new KIND of platform, called “Upadaria”, that combines imagination and gaminfication with premium content and social networking features to liberate people from the artificial limitations of an archaic corpostate politocracy. The Upadaria Platform (Upadaria is pronounced “you-pah-daria”) will introduce you to a Biblical-based lifestyle and governance discipline for liberation and empowerment.

Upadaria is more than an alternative to the corpostate monopoly platforms, it is a whole new kind and level of experience that will entertain you while empowering you! The word Upadaria comes from UPDR, the first letter of the four core ideals of a new Christian civilization: Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law as understood from a Biblical perspective and as used in a balanced way that harmonizes each ideal with each other and with ancient, eternal truth, as much as possible.

These core ideals are extremely powerful and liberating when understood in a Biblical light and when used in harmony. But when they are understood in a non-Biblical light and when they are not balanced, they can become meaningless platitudes or even dangerous ideas. Our approach to these core ideals is Biblical and harmonious.

The platform brings you into an imagined future to illustrate a very real vision: the emergence of a new civilization and way of life that combines ancient and eternal truth with present and future technology. Whether you are a Christian or whether or not you adopt the “intentional nationality” imparted by the platform, the Upadaria Platform will inform and inspire you in an interesting and engaging manner to take control over your life and your future. It is a platform for anyone who wants to practice and experience a life of real freedom and prosperity, regardless of what the rest of your society is doing.

Virtual to reality: Upadaria is more than a platform, it is a means and vehicle for real-life liberation and empowerment!

You don’t have to be a Christian or a “Upadarian”, someone who actually identifies with a form of spiritual nationhood related to this Christian spiritual nation, to access and enjoy the benefits of the Upadaria Platform. As a user or subscriber, you can gain access to content and features and make connections with others to work toward your own liberation and empowerment in your own way.

All users and subscribers are called “Upos”, that is, they are participants in our platform, “Upadarians” are people who adopt the core spiritual nationality and upadarians are people who adopt the core ideals only as a lifestyle and governance discipline.

Riqueday Castle, planned world HQ for the Platform and an international Christian NGO

It is hard to describe this platform because nothing like it exists. You come into this sort of imagined future and you even adopt an “impression”, a “Upo Identity”, within the platform that reflects your ideal self within this imagined future, but it all relates to practical ways to become more free, empowered, and prosperous in your daily (or “Meta”) reality. It isn’t merely escapism, it is a sort of withdrawal before an advance, a regathering of yourself before you advance ever upward and forward in your own life.

Through immersing yourself into this Upo Identity, which can include in-person clusters with fellow subscribers, you experience outward changes in your Meta-reality. This is the basic idea: imagine the changes within Upadaria, practice them with fellow users, then begin to see them impact your Meta-reality in your daily life. This becomes not merely another platform but an experience of inner-to-outer transfiguration from a limited life with seemingly few options to a life of limitless possibilities.

Coming to Upadaria, you are an eRefugee. You go through an intake experience to become familiar with the platform and the ideals and etc. which underlay the platform and how it operates. You can then choose such options as being a Guest, an eResident, an eCitizen, a Freeholder, an Ecclesian, a Peer, an Elector, a Noble, or a Royal. Some of these types of subscription require a period of Candidacy before you can become confirmed in that status.

Conceptually, the Platform is based on a fictional future Crown Commonwealth with member entities all over the world, including tribes, societies, landed sovereignties, private cities, gilds, fellowships, and more. This Crown Commonwealth exists at a time when a new civilization has emerged called the Upadarian Civilization, hence the name of the Commonwealth, the platform, and the spiritual nation.

But this isn’t just imagination. The core idea and vision for the emergence of a new globally distributed spiritual nation and civilization is quite real. The imagination part is a means to impart the ideals, principles, practices, and mandates of that nation and civilization in a way that is accessible and practical to most people.

In other words, while the literal storyline and timeline in the future history isn’t meant to be followed like an exact blueprint, the basic idea of a new spiritual nation giving rise to a new civilization is serious and intentional. In all of this, the platform itself is open and inviting, users do not have to buy into every aspect of what the founders and owners believe in and embrace in order to benefit from using its features and accessing its content.

Upadaria won’t just be another platform, it is something totally different!

Why is this platform needed?

Put simply, while we need a means to share and impart concrete methods of liberation and empowerment, as well as gathering together with others, we need a decentralized approach that relies on individuals and small groups doing this without central control. This platform will be globally accessible and give its users tools and resources that allow them to use and adapt these ideas on their own, in their neighborhoods, without a central hierarchy controlling them.

Upadaria will be built in phases, not all at once, growing with its user base and responding to their needs and wants, adding features and content that reflect user interests and bring the most benefits. Like its fictional Crown Commonwealth, the platform will balance protecting its vision with being responsive to its “residents” in a manner that treats them more like clients or customers than “subjects”, as most archaic political states do.

Different user statuses, e.g. eResident or Peer, have different roles and functions in things like governance of the platform itself or in access to content or features, but all will participate in a feedback loop meant to serve their needs and interests. Unlike most of today’s platforms, the user will be at the center of the experience and will have a voice in how things are managed and administered.

Unlike most platforms, which claim a neutrality that is a blatant lie, Upadaria has a declared pro-freedom bias rooted in Judeo-Christian virtues, liberty as defined by the original spirit and intent of the US Bill of Rights, and independence rooted in mutuality, free-enterprise, and free association. This platform is built for anyone and everyone who agrees to this basic freedom standard regardless of race, ethnicity/ancestry, country of birth or present citizenship, or religion. But as for those who cannot embrace such a standard, we recommend they remain with the corpostate platforms that already cater solely to them and their ideology.

Everyone who joins in supporting and subscribing to The Freedomist will be made an eResident of Upadaria when it is built, your membership will transfer there eventually, but your membership will also help us to finance the platform. So far, we have $15,000 raised through our efforts to begin building the first phase of the platform.

You can begin by subscribing now to The Freedomist and thereby supporting the creation of this platform.

Join us in first imagining and then building new possibilities for liberation and empowerment in a world sorely lacking!