It appears reasonable to assume that the DNC-CCP is NOT liking Gab, so much so that an op was really run that may or may not be the work of our own government or other Biden ally governments.    In this Op, they hacked Gab accounts, targeting Trump first and foremost, in a clear bid to destabilize the alternative to sjw-fascist-owned platform.

If our government were involved, folks, you’ll likely never know, but, even if it isn’t, you can bet this op was run by one of the DNC-Frankensteins scattered across this country in Antifa (greenshirts, as they like to be called, or at least they should) hqs.  In between burning down Federal buildings in peaceful protests, democratic peaceful protests, these Frankensteins might very well be the most likely candidate for this Gab assault in the name of the DNC-CCP.

Trump’s is one of 15,000 Gab accounts that just got hacked – arstechnica.com

From arstechnica.com 2021-03-01 18:14:21 Dan Goodin The founder of the far-right social media platform Gab said that the private account of former President Donald Trump was among the data stolen and publicly released by hackers […]