If we all get our vaccines like good little soldiers, we will create a safe space for ALL Americans, especially our most at risk, those suffering from pre-existing conditions and the elderly.  Well, turns  out that might not be the case as the Biden administration is ‘admitting’ that vaccines won’t create herd immunity, nevermind that they might not even prevent the vaccinated from being a contageous threat to the population anyway.

Your reward for getting the vaccine is nothing.  You’re not guaranteed you won’t get sick, not even from the vaccine.  You’re not guaranteed you still might not get infected and become a carrier.  You will appreciate no significant difference in the quality of life as the rules of vacccine control still apply to you.

BOMBSHELL: Fauci and NY Times Move Goalposts, Say U.S. Will NEVER Hit Herd Immunity to Push Covid Shots- Right – warroom.org

From warroom.org Elizabeth Excerpt: Dr. Tony Fauci and the New York Times admit they have moved the goalposts again and now say the U.S. will never reach herd immunity. War Room deciphered the mixed messaging from the father of the virus and the high priest of scientism: it’s about getting experimental gene therapies into arms. […]…