Editorial – Psychiatrists noticed that there seemed to be an uptick of people being diagnosed as having Tourette’s.  Some of them started to developing a trend.  Many of these people had been diagnosed as having Tourettes despite the fact that the symptoms they were manifesting don’t actually align with Tourettes.  Rather, as they would eventually allegedly discover, this seemed to be a phenomenon that was taking place through YouTube, where a whole group of youths were developing these sortsof Tourrette’s like symptoms that can be seen in many content creators that cater to this demographic,

It is possible, theoretically, that YouTube has experienced its first viral oubreak of the sociogenic category, that is, socially created patterns of behavior that produce unstabilizing patters to the world around the action.  Somehow, a whole subgroup within this larger demographic has developed a new Tourrette’s like disorder that emerged from the culture the YouTubers had created.

Perhaps Twitter has been feeding a sociogenic virus for a long time, called Woketarianizm, but that’s another story, still, the connection is not unmerited.   Twitter’s culture creators are the moderators and the rules they use to justify their actions, actions that affect people at existential levels given the domination of Twitter in a social media space where a vast swathe of major institutional public discourse takes place.  And if you’re not on Twitter, you’re not talking to America, let alone the world,

That type of influence on the habits of human action is far more profound than what ever could have emerged in this YouTube culture that produced their own sociogenic virus.  The severity and breadth of the sociogenic illnesses these platforms can crearte when in the hands of ideologues, in general, well, I could say it would be frightening but we are in the midst of the fruit of that reality.

Better for the acceptable orthodox media, of which iflscience.com is one, to attack the smaller sociogenic viruses that emerge from the result of wanna-be tyrants to distract from the much larger and more invasive and consequential sociogenic viruses these platforms have been creating.

Psychiatrists Report Mass Outbreak Of Sociogenic Illness Spread Via Social Media Videos

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2021-09-01 14:58:00



A team of psychiatrists has reported what they’re calling “the first outbreak of a new type of mass sociogenic illness” that is spread by social media alone.

Published in the journal Brain, the team reports that they have seen a “remarkably high number” of young patients who had been referred to their specialist Tourettes clinic in Hannover, all displaying “nearly identical” movements and vocalizations. The patients not only had similar movements but also said a lot of the same words as each other when experiencing a “tic”, regardless of the language they were speaking it in.

Words included “fries”, “bomb”, “flying sharks”, and, most concerningly, “Heil Hitler”.

Another strange aspect to the tics, and not seen usually in Tourette’s patients, was that their vocalizations shifted pitch whenever they had a “vocal tic”, their voice becoming much lower than usual.

Though all the patients had been diagnosed with the childhood-onset chronic combined motor and vocal tic disorder, Tourette’s syndrome, before being referred to the clinic, the team noted that the tics were unusual, and unknown in Tourettes syndrome. However, they had seen the tics before: on the YouTube channel “Gewitter im Kopf” (“Thunderstorm in the Brain”).

The channel, presented by Jan Zimmermann, documents life with Tourettes syndrome.

“Judging from the videos, he indeed suffers from a mild form of Tourette syndrome,” the team write in their paper. “On this YouTube channel, however, he shows a countless number of movements, vocalizations, words, phrases, and bizarre behaviours that he claims are tics, but are clearly functional in nature.”

“For the majority of the shown symptoms, there are obviously strong situational contexts with exclamations of long sentences with insults, swear words, and obscenities that are in this form unknown in Tourette…


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