The BLM Democrats Want To Cancel America And YOU!

By Bill Collier- The BLM Democrats, for that is who drives this rotten party of coup plotters and seditionists, deeply loath America. They say America is bad, though it is good, and use this to justify canceling America and building a new society that resembles a perverted antheap with them at the top.

They want a world without the Bible, the Bill of Rights, the rest of the Constitution, or anything resembling a decentralized Union of free and sovereign states. As to the Declaration of Independence and its ideals and principles, they will dismiss it as “white supremacist” along with its basic appeal to our better natures and common humanity, both of which are in opposition to the BLM Democrats’ true ideology!

The BLM Democrats attack free speech, claiming to be against hate or disinformation (the two pillars of their entire program).

They attack the second amendment citing a desire to protect us against “gun violence”, while egging on and FINANCIALLY BACKING violent riots.

They attack religious liberty, claiming that your religious convictions about marriage and sexuality must bow before their rainbow gods. They can’t live and let live and just be happy with their own freedom to choose who they love and how, they must force you and your children to celebrate their choices and beliefs at the expense of your own beliefs, values, and convictions!

They attack human life itself in the name of “choice”, and their hands drip with the innocent blood of the unborn. Their many justifications for abortion, like the health of the mother or cases of rape or incest, represent a tiny portion of the reasons abortions are performed.

They are masters at a form of deconstruction that takes the most unfair and worse possible view of anything that stands between them and power and turning it into something grotesque and ugly. They project the inner hideousness of their own shriveled humanity onto others.

They worm their way into power here and there, and everywhere they do, they become intolerant tyrants, not even allowing dissent. Consider how they blacklist conservatives in Hollywood, how they run college and university campuses, how they use public education to cram their politics down kids’ throats (banning the US flag but putting up the BLM flag), and the list goes on.

Every institution, from the classroom to the boardroom, controlled by BLM Democrats becomes a hellscape for anyone who isn’t in line with and submissive to their anti-Christian ideology. The malevolence they show toward anyone who has an independent thought they don’t like is increasingly beyond the pale for any civil society.

And now they add white shaming and white guilting, overt forms of hate, to their bag of tricks. Convince people who are white that they are intrinsically bad and you can coerce them into submission to make penance of some kind. They even insist this be “taught” to your chilren in their absurd desire to transform all of society into either victims or the guilty. All, the victims and the guilty, must bow before the Democrats and their gods of lust and power for liberation or absolution, neither of which these false gods have any power to give anyone!

The BLM Democrat vision is to destroy all that is good about America and replace it with themselves as little gods in total control of your life. They don’t want capitalism, they want some modern neomarxist managed economy where you effectively, if not on paper even, own nothing and control little of your economic or financial life.

The only thing that drives today’s Democrats is a raw, craven, lust for power and control over their fellow citizens.

They are demented and morally perverse in the extreme and, what it worse, they couch they depravity and wanton ambition in arrogant virtue-signaling dribble about equality and justice. Their proposals to “solve” all the “injustice” or “systemic racism” all point to dehumanizing the masses and making us all slaves.

Many millions of otherwise good and decent people support Democrats because they want equality and justice. Only they don’t realize that the Party they are backing is now the BLM Democratic Party, where the hidden meaning of BLM isn’t “Black Lives Mattter”, it is Bolshevik Leftist Marxism and Bondage, Lies, and Manipulation!

The BLM Democrats either control the party through being in power, like Ocasio Cortez, or they make puppets of some, like Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer. The BLM Democrats in the press, like Rachel Maddow, and their puppets, like Chris Cuomo, wage relentless information war on the public, always tearing down freedom and always virtue-signaling based on the lie that America is bad.

The BLM Democrats want to CANCEL America and then they want to cancel your way of life, your freedom to worship and serve your God in peace, and your material independence from their control. They may not create a classical dictatorship on paper, they are too clever for that. They use a corporate/government alliance and their control over media, entertainment, and education to hem you about and cancel your very livelihood and reputation if tou step out of line or defy them.

It is insidious, pervasive, subversive, and seditious what the BLM Democrats, who say America is bad, are doing to cancel America.

All who say America is bad should be treated as those who would break into your home, take what you own, demand they be in charge, and start dictating how you should live or raise your children and even what you should say and think. The truth is, anyone who sees America is bad is themselves the one that should be seen as bad.

America is good. Good isn’t perfect. Good doesn’t mean we don’t need more freedom, equity, and justice for all without favor or prejudice. Good means we strive toward the betterment of all people, in this land and around the world, according to our most noble of ideals, as outlined in our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights, for instance,  even though we have yet to fulfill the promise contained therein.

The BLM Democrats don’t want any of that! For them “America is bad” and must be swept aside, Bill of Rights and all, for their top-down version of a new Soviet Ameristan where you are guilty for being white, where all “people of color” are merely victims who must depend on their white Progressive masters for liberation, where the Bible is hate speech, and where private property is greed.

In Soviet Ameristan, the BLM Democrats render a disarmed populace incapable of speaking in its own voices let alone thinking for themselves, all that will be managed in the courts and boardrooms run by the BLM Democrat and their puppets.

This is what you are supporting, even if you innocently don’t realize it, when you support Democrats. Even those Democrats who loath this are being used to advance this. Even of your critique of the Republicans has some truth in it, the Party has been selective in who it champions and in the rights it supports, it is false to think the BLM Democrats and the blueblood Republicans are of the same nature. It is like comparing a flu to a deadly virus, where the BLM Democrats are a deadly and contagious virus!

The BLM Democrats want to cancel America, they say America is bad. The Republicans say America is good and want to conserve that which is best about our country and history and move past the flaws and mistakes of yesterday or even the present toward fulfilling America as a dream and a promise for a just, free, and pluralistic empire of liberty!

You may struggle with that, some Republicans act like BLM Democrats are cavemen even, and, as a Party, they are infected with cronies and people who give lip-service only to these things. But they don’t say America is bad, they don’t want to cancel America.

Many who support the BLM Democrats speak of things like healthcare or aid to the poor or the issues of equality for women and minorities. They are looking for things, material things, without considering the psychic and spiritual cost of getting them from the hands of authoritarians.

Any solution to any problem you cite should be centered on truth and tend to empowerment and liberation for all, it should not happen through taking away from some to give to others or at the hands of rank authoritarians.

If you want to help the poor and deal with health care issues, you need more of what is good about America, not less. You have an ideal to point to and hold leaders accountable to, America’s promise of a just, free, and pluralistic society. Whatever your ill or issue, more of America’s promise and potential is your solution.

In conclusion, we say, America is good. We will not let the BLM Democrats cancel America!