The mass mailer collective Presidency formally known as “The Biden” has made little effort to conceal its collective dependence on Chinese power for its ability to continue to mold the new American state into a form that the DNC can control in assumed perpetuity.   The latest move to allow China  to continue to own TikTok reinforces that assumption.  But the Biden is playing with fire when it relies on China to protect it from Americans (as, I can assure you, the Biden and the DNC and the RNC have been doing since Bush 1).

In order for a closed system to consume its own kind (as the DNC is currently in the process of doing by institutionalizing the stigmatization of individuals based on race, sex, gender, sexual preference, political preference, and belief), it must rely on power from outside the system itself, that system is China’s markets and Chinese ideas about how to navigate between the need for a class of innovators and the need to control the masses.

The Chinese model is to simply have a significantly less innovator class, and this is what The Biden hopes to duplicate as well.  To that end, The Biden has allowed China to continue to have unfettered access to our youngest citizens, able to use that data to continue to manipulate our markets and our culture to their own Chinese-serving will.

The Biden has taken the pressure off Chairman Xi and now it appears that TikTok need not be sold after all.  We can expect Huawei to get a similar reprieve.

Lest you fear friends, do not fret.  The Biden has “America’s” interest at heart, the DNC is fully aware of the dangerous game they are playing, relying on a competitor (and China is ultimately still a competitor with the billionaires of the DNC) for their immediate source of power at a cost that immediately weakens their competitive edge with this future challenger to their imagined throne.

The DNC machine has no intentions of remaining China’s vassal, though, unless we Americans succeed in thwarting their full consolidation of power across these lands (through peaceful means, we must stress in these times), their plan is sure to fail.

You see, ultimately, a nation-state is an engine of people-production.  The ‘quality’ of the people that engine produces will determine the ‘quality’ of the nation-state itself, the source of power for the Citadelian, the one who is virtually immune from the consequence of state or market laws, or, to be more precise, competition, which is what state and market law is ostensibly created to preserve and facilitate.

The Biden is building an implosion device from within, while hoping to infuse that very engine with targeted resourcing designed to produce the humans that can compete with China using China’s same system.  As The Biden loses quality, the military itself will decline, in quality of design, in quality of execution.  This will soon lead to China surpassing The Biden’s capacity to kill, and will lead to China, unfettered by a strong America, to use the world as its source to feed its own implosive machine.

China then becomes a black hole of the world’s best, ground down into an implosive bronze aged design, the priest-king model, where the elite define the moral will of the people, unaccountably, in the name of equality and social justice.  And America, well, the Biden America?  That, my friends, is a story we will never have to tell, for the people and technology are on our side.

When you can build your own civilizations out of the earth and trees around you, as technology has enabled us to do (keep reading The Freedomist to find out how), the idea of containing humanity by top-down-imposed boundaries becomes laughably absurd, if only the rest of us knew and started to live this truth out where we live, and with those willing and eager to do the same.

From www.vanityfair.com 2021-02-15 12:16:19 Jordan Hoffman There are likely to be a lot of “oh, God, what was that all about?!?” moments as we continue to shake off four years of the Donald Trump presidency, […]