PGC – So far, every effort to slow down the Taliban advance in Afghanistan has met with little success.  Since the US pullout, the Taliban have taken scores of cities, with much  of the south  of the country either under Taliban control or disputed territory.

As the Taliban roll forward, what’s not being reported on is all the human beings currently facing execution, torture, rape, for just being part of a family of one of the people who openly aligned with the the West, especially with Americans.

These people are being brutalized wherever the Taliban move in.

The American state made promises to a nation-state it should never made in the first  place, promises that it would rebuild Afghanistan and turn it  into a viable, prosperous state.  But after it finally got a significant portion of Afghanis to go along with the plan, when things got rough, the Americans bolted, leaving behind families upon families of guilt-by-association who are now at risk of serious physical trauma, harm, and even death.

Taliban captures Kunduz, third provincial capital in three days 

From msm.com
2021-08-08 03:46:09


A Taliban statement on Sunday said it has captured the police headquarters, the governor’s compound and the prison in the city.

Local sources and journalists in Kunduz confirmed to Al Jazeera that Taliban fighters are present in the capital.

Sunday’s takeover comes after the group seized the provinces of Nimroz and Jowzjan in the last two days.

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