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US Diplomacy Stumbles In The Mideast

With talk now that Hamas may indeed agree to the Egyptian brokered plan, which in effect freezes out the US from the process, Secretary Kerry, Turkey, and Qatar are essentially "bit players" in the drama. Meanwhile Israeli forces have been ordered only to fire if fired upon.
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Debt Drags the Dragon

China’s actual debt is now 250% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). But in 2009, China’s debt was only around 70% of its GDP, making this meteoric rise alarming. This debt includes both public and private debt. However, in China, the government controls much of the corporate world and financial institutions.

The Cyber Battle for Iraq

All around the world, criminals and potential insurgents are seeing cyber space as the next frontier in lateral warfare or guerrilla warfare and many of the world's governments are ill prepared for this onslaught.
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Chinese Spying Is “Creating Tension”

The "dragon of Asia" is in fact a communist dictatorship and if or when the supply of stolen technology is cut off, their system is itself incapable of making such advances and they would quickly begin to lose ground. The policy of "economic engagement" was meant to allow the West to "influence" the Chinese for the cause of freedom and free markets.

Heavy Slogging In Gaza

Details regarding the actual fighting in Gaza are sketchy, but we have cautioned that Hamas wants the IDF to enter into a close order battle with them in the streets of Gaza where they believe they can inflict heavy damage on the Israelis.

Ground War In Gaza

At 10:30PM local IDF forces began an operations in three sectors in Gaza which, if succesful, would divide Gaza into 4 manageable slices, bypassing the populated areas for now, in what is described as a "limited operation" against "Hamas tunnels."