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As we stated above, being free to prosper and live as you choose isn’t something that just happens. You make it happen. But to make it happen, you need to be armed with insights, knowledge, resources, and credible analysis of the events shaping your world and you life.

We curate all the “data”, we compile and compose it, and we make it both easy to read and easy to dig as deeply as you like.

Support us as we explore and expose hazards to your freedom and your economic, sociocultural, financial, and even civic options for expanding your level of freedom and prosperity.


Freedom is, to us, the free domain where you can fulfill God’s best for your life with excellence, where you have the means to live your life in accordance with your dreams and values, and where you can be a whole human being in free association with those who you wish to be connected to.

Will we be free, as God intends and wishes upon is, or will our own ignorance of what freedom is and what it means to build freedom enslave us through coercive acts and manipulation?

Will we own our own destiny and then choose to throw the crown of our own human sovereignty at the God’s feet to walk in His destiny, or will we accept the cheap substitutes offered by worldlings whose hearts are far from the truth of God’s love and righteousness?

We have a birthright of freedom, but we must build that freedom with our own two hands and together with others who also want the same kind of freedom. We are responsible for our own free domain, even if and when we collaborate and connect with others in a shared free domain based on freewill association.

Let’s be clear: freedom is not guaranteed by others! It is built by your hard work and effort, but it is the duty and obligation of society to guarantee your opportunity to pursue your own freedom in peace and safety.

A society that impedes people from building their own freedom, their own free domain or dominion of the free, is, to that extent, not just or fair. All people deserve the opportunity to build freedom, without any form of favor or prejudice, so long as they are peaceful toward their fellow human beings.

Many societies in the world are less than just, some worse than others. In America, for instance, we constantly face a choice between moving toward a more just society where freedom is obtainable by all without any artificial impediment and moving toward a less just society where personal choices are dictated by coercive agencies, be they public or private (government or corporations).

All the reasons, moralizing, bogeymen fears, and utopian promises used to justify reducing the reach of individuals and their own private freewill associations in their opportunity to build freedom for themselves are meaningless and should always be rejected. Those whose ideas require men with guns to force people to follow those ideas are not public servants seeking to do good, they are criminals in the eyes of Heaven.

Men with guns and can and should keep the peace and protect the lives, freedom, and property of all people in any locale or land, and we should produce and/or be clients of agencies that provide this service. But when those men with guns are imposing things that positively inhibit the individual from pursuing freedom as an individual and in free association with others, then these armed men are simply thugs.

We believe freedom is won and maintained only on the basis of Virtue, Liberty, and Independence!

Virtue is described in the four core ideals of the new civilization, which it was America’s manifest destiny to build: Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law. These ideals are come from Judeo-Christian moral and ethical foundations.

Liberty for us is defined as the actualization of all of the Bill of Rights for all people, without favor or prejudice, in recognition of our individual spiritual sovereignty as creations of God and our shared mutual sovereignty in freewill covenant association.

Independence is the seen as our own individual freehold in terms of self-reliance and mutual self-preservation through free and consensual market exchanges and an absolute meritocracy governed by free associations and free enterprise.

Through obtaining and protecting Virtue, Liberty, and Independence we become and remain free, we enter a dominion of the free, we build our own freedom. We were created to find and build freedom by which we might, if we choose, find and serve God in love and devotion. If we misuse our abuse the opportunity to build freedom, this is between God and us, no person can or should force you to follow freedom as they define it.

This is voluntary and based on freewill association, as opposed to being mandated or required. Basically, this means while we must and will INSIST AND DEMAND our inherent, sacred, and God-given freedom be respected and that we be left in peace to pursue such freedom, we also refuse to force our freedom on any other human beings.

If you do not wish to live in freedom as we choose to do, that is up to you. We have nothing to say about your life and your choices. But if you wish to make your views and opinions about how others should live and act a law unto death, as some do, then we count you a fool and someone of low moral character.

We stand for freedom forbalk who WANT IT and our only demand is: leave us in peace peace to live out this freedom among ourselves and as individuals and we will leave you in peace as well. Those who violate such a common sense mutual tolerance and respect earn our contempt and rejection.

We recognize that this level and general flourishing of freedom doesn’t exist. We recognize the reality of power and take a more dialectical approach to building freedom, often by finding gaps for freedom within inherently unfree societies. But we keep before us this more perfect and righteous vision for freedom and we insist most strongly that we are owed the respect and tolerance of this civilization and all its institutions to pursue this freedom in peace.

God has made us free but we have allowed ourselves to be enslaved by our own ignorance. This is no longer a path we will pursue for our lives and this addiction to slavery in exchange for some false promise or out of some fear is something we reject once and for all.

Become a Freedomist. Join and build a domain of the free in your life and relationships and in association with others of the same mind!



We curate and investigate many open press and private intelligence sources to keep you on top of the actual news, of developing trends, and of news often under-reported or covered up but which you need to know.

Trying to stay abreast of all the world news coverage from all sources can be a mess. First, you have to navigate the bias and spin. Second, you have to do your own fact-checking. Third, you have to find reasonably accurate sources, fourth, you have to see what they are missing, and fifth, you have to compare them all to each other.
Our ability to curate these sources and get to the straight truth, and then distill it into a brief that you can rely on.

We provide news, recourses, and interesting content that is practical and useful for advancing freedom in your life. We provide freedom tech that empowers and blueprints for action and cooperation to grow freedom..
Freedom technology includes things like 3-d printing, remote working, secure and encrypted communications, new financial transactions platforms, building technology, sustainable energy that is affordable, food production at home, and more, Our freedom blueprints help your put this to work by giving you tried and tested designs and methods that you can start using right away.
Between news and information for freedom tech and practical blueprints for a freedom lifestyle, we are your resource.
What are the trends that WILL emerge over the next 6 months to a year? What opportunities might already exist to increase your prosperity, to improve your level of freedom, or to increase your quality of life?
We scour the world looking for things that we see as developing trends, or for planned or proposed laws and policies that make come into being. We look for opportunities that have been overlooked, often by designed, that you can avail yourself of. Our ability to curate content and analyze it rapidly, using our own custom intelligence analysis system, will be put to work for you!
Don’t get bogged down in guesses and pipe-dreams or fear and alarm, we provide factual and accurate analysis on time and in brief!
Our pledge is to do our best to protect your rights, persons, and wealth from all hazards, regardless of source, through accurate and timely monitoring and reporting of every threat to your freedom, 24/7! We will never let you down!
Our monitoring of potential hazards to your freedom goes beyond reading headlines, We infiltrate groups and networks, we obtain feeds and content from numerous sources, and we use our own information network of insiders to help us detect hazards before they become a threat. We also detect, expose, confront, and broadcast to the world news about all such hazards and bad actors.
Don’t get caught flat-footed, we have your back and we will be your ever-vigilant watchdog, manning the line in defense of your freedom!

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The Freedomist has been uncovering, exposing, and confronting hazards to your freedom for 13 years, and counting, and has reached over 20 million Americans with its coverage.
Our mission is to be your go-to people-powered, free press resource to grow freedom and prosperity in your life and community by embracing the virtues of freedom, by experiencing liberty as defined by the US Bill of Rights, and by achieving independence through mutual support and a free market economy.

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