Picture any Republican being caught manufacturing a fake conspiracy theory against a Democrat and weaponizing the CIA and FBI to destroy them. The partisan press would be in full outrage mode. But now that the malefactors prove to be Democrats and the victims Republicans, the partisan press have no interest.

Here’s the truth: Obama and Biden weapononized the CIA and FBI to derail the Trump campaign and then the Trump administration and continue to do the same, now trying to sieze power again. The partisan press continue to lie and smear in hyper drive, platforms are shutting down dissent, and the real scandals by Democrats are ignored or excused.

The Trump administration has been handicapped from doing what it was elected to do through acts of treason by everyone from Obama and Biden down to the FBI and CIA rank and file who, overall, are mostly as partisan as the press.

With the late Trump order to declassify the documents proving the corruption and abuse of power was rampant and is ongoing, we should see screaming headlines about this. But we won’t. The partisan press were and remain part of an illegal cabal working to establish a one-party dictatorship in America. Their aim is nothing short of an authoritarian regime.

This isn’t about dirty politics, this is about treason and sedition, abuse of power and corruption, and an outright coup. The partisan press aren’t merely allies, they are taking the lead role: the politocians are tools of the partisan press, not the other way around.

The test run, as it were, for the Democrats and their weaponization of the FBI occurred during a little known “Operation Eagle” in which they succeeded in jailing a US Congressman on grounds as flimsy as the Russian “dossier” manufactured against the President. Perhaps the second round failed in its ultimate aims, but “Crossfire Hurricane” crippled the US President and has only served to help the Democrats and America’s foes, especially China, who badly want Democrats to win and resume their supine submission to Beijing.

I suspect that a Democrat win in this election will see the same people as conducted an illegal coup attempt and ongoing acts of treason and sedition back in power, serving their masters in the partisan press who themselves serve the Chinese.