Quarantining father misses birth of child – UCO0akufu9MOzyz3nvGIXAAw

Sky News host Paul Murray has spoken to new father Moe Haidar about his distressing ordeal after his wife gave birth to their newborn child, while he had to remain separate in quarantine, after returning to Australia from Qatar.

“We were told that she could have her phone with her and that we could video call throughout the process – that promise was quickly turned to a no,” he said.

“Then she went through the C-section on her own and in her own words, I didn’t get to see my son; he was taken away very quickly.

“There’s a Health Queensland website that we need to go through and apply for an exemption; I did that before the C-section, I did that after the C-section.”

Mr and Mrs Haidar were both vaccinated at the time.

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