President Trump is back from Walter Reed Hospital and the partisan press couldn’t be angrier. Headlines such as “Trump Hospital Release Strategy” and other unflattering headlines heralded the “great return.” Even an appearance in a limo to his adoring supporters was spun into grotesque proportions by the partisan press.

The fact there is no pretense of objectivity is not questionable, but the danger this poses to the Republic is very real. Millions of people are being radicalized into paroxisms of sedition and rebellion by a partisan press who wantonly lie and sensationalize them with the most alarming and dishonest content in our country’s history.

The fact many millions of Americans liken Trump and his supporters to the most grotesque and horrbible images of tyrants and racists is attributable to widespread and deliberate blood libel produced by the partisan press. This is, arguably, not so much free speech as it is open sedition and inciting of rebellion and violence, or insurrection.

If the press were honest and balanced in any way, it would be obvious that Trump is not the bogeyman they claim he is and most of the violence and heated rhetoric would not be happening. In short, most of the partisan press have gone over from being reporters to being violent revolutionaries, or at least to fomenting violent revolutionary upheaval aimed at creating a one-party dictatorship.

The partisan press have attacked the integrity of our Republic and are now fomenting insurrection, including through the use of fraud and violence.

Every social ill has been exaggerated and every flaw blown out of proportions in the service of fomenting violent assaults on our Bill of Rights. The partisan press are no longer operating within the boundaries of free speech, they have become criminal organizations in terms of the Constitution of this land.

Accountantability to the people is lacking. The partisan press appear to be getting away with the destruction of our Bill of Rights by using the 1st amendment to shield their malevolent intentions. Their blood libels and inciting violence have not been prosecuted, mostly because there is no precedent for this behavior and the authorities are afraid to act. What would earn any individual the wrath of the FBI is protected from scrutiny when the partisan press do it.

The truth is, any vigilante effort directed at these freedom takers could quickly devolve to mob rule. The notion of “the people” taking matters in their own hand may appeal viscerally but once begun the process would end badly.

The best response is to expose and confront these feeedom takers as individuals and corporations and to rally Americans to “cancel” them as they are seeking to cancel America. Targeted tactical boycotts and other peaceful means of redress and the use of free speech to stand against their lies are vital to our cause.

It is time to hold the partisan press accountable and toward that end the Freedomist is ready, with your support, to raise the banner of freedom and to confront and defeat the partisan press and its war on the Bill of Rights.

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