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The Freedomist is unique and original in our approach to promoting your freedom and prosperity from a practical perspective.

Our mission is to provide content that edifies, inspires, informs, and empowers you as a reader. You simply won’t find our original content anywhere else but here.

To do this, we research and then create content. We collate information form sources and we fact-check them. All this takes time and money, therefore your support allows us to increase the volume and quality of our content over time.

Since 2007, The Freedomist, in one form or another, has impacted the world for the cause of freedom. We busted Nancy Pelosi trying to steal water from west Texas. We exposed the Russians trying to build a secret military base on Venezuela. We played a major role in launching, promoting, and organizing the first Tea Party events.

We have built a network of web 2.0 properties, from social media to blogs and websites, that has reached millions with a solid message of liberty for all. We launched and supported citizens journalism efforts around the country. In short, through self-funding we have done much good, but now we need you more than ever to back us as a subscriber! We are not expanding and upgrading our network to web 3.0.

My name is Bill Collier, and I am the Publisher of The Freedomist. As a writer and content producer, I have been known for originality, for not merely regurgitating what you can find every day on Capitol Hill or in the partisan echo-chambers. My approach is my true north, which is for freedom based on virtue, liberty, and independence and the four core ideals for Christian civilization that are so essential to freedom, namely Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law.

Our main page, The Trump Revolution, has over 115,000 followers, our flagship community, The American Freedomist Network, which began life as Team Sarah, has over 77,000 activist members. But to do more and keep doing more, we need your support as a subscriber. For $5 to $10 per month you can help our network grow and you can get great, exclusive content in return.



Any idea not founded on freedom will tend toward authoritarianism or even tyranny and violence..

My goal with The Freedomist is to broadcast a message of freedom and to equip and empower freedomists all over the world to live a live of prosperity, peace, and liberty where they are loved and values as children of God. Your subscription for $5-$10 per month will go a long way toward making this possible and to helping more people find practical ways and valuable resources to grow freedom in their lives, relationships, and communities.

Will you support me, Bill Collier, and the Freedomist?

Are you subscribed to The Freedomist? I am working early mornings to produce useful and inspiring content but need your support at $5 to $10 per month. Subscribe today!

Publisher Bill Collier on a Middle East tour in 2018.

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Level Price  
premium $10.00 per Month. Select
subscriber $2.00 now and then $5.00 per Month. Select

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