Meet the Corpostate Police State Enforcers, Social Media Algorithms
Editor’s Choice Report – Social Media Algorithm Democracy Senate Hearing
Senate Panel Explores Whether Social Media Algorithms are Threat to Democracy – Editor’s Choice Report
Social media algorithms threaten democracy, experts tell senators. Facebook, Google, Twitter go up against researchers who say algorithms pose existential threats to individual thought – Roll Call
From www.reddit.com – Roll Call Excerpt: A Senate hearing on Tuesday pitted three powerful social media companies against researchers who testified that the algorithms used by the platforms to generate revenue by keeping users engaged pose existential threats to individual thought, and democracy itself. The hearing before the Judiciary Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology and the […]…
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Giuliani Raided – Hunter China Love – Biden Divides- More – TDFS
The Daily Freedomist Show – May 3rd, 2021
Rudy Giuliani Raided By DOJ in Connection to Ukraine Investigation
Hunter Biden Still Holds Millions in Chinese Corporate Assets
Joe Biden Proves to be More Divisive than Trump in New Poll
Using Hate Speech Allegations, Pakistan Tries to Cancel US Over Muslim Dissent
French Military Leaders Arrested for Warning of Civil War as Numbers Only Increase
Meet the Corpostate Nationalist Police State Enforcers, Social Media Algorithms

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