Freedomist Marketing Options

Freedomist Marketing includes options such as email blasts and advertising, display ads on this website, content marketing using our entire network of websites and social media properties, on-page and off-page SEO, and more. 


The Freedomist Network includes web properties we own as well as web properties we have joint-venture and cross-promotional agreements with. These websites and social media properties allow us to potentially reach millions of people both through an organic audience and through email and lookalike audience campaigns tailored to your specific audience.

The Freedomist receives over 350,000 visits per month, our free email subscription list includes over 484,000 people around the country, and our social media properties reach over 1 million people per month. Our combined efforts reach over a million people per day for our clients and our web properties.

Sample Campaign Offerings

  • DRIVE TRAFFIC- Drive 50,000 or more visits to a website per month from a qualified audience- this plan utilizes mostly our organic traffic, off-site SEO, and a content marketing strategy with some limited digital advertising to reach a specific demographic by location. The cost is $9500/month with a 30-day option to cancel the program.

  • GENERATE LEADS– Drive over 1500 highly targeted people to a client website to generate 40 leads per week and reach over 60,000 individuals per month multiple times- this plan utilizes on-site seo, off-site seo, digital marketing using custom lists and look-alike audiences, and content marketing through a special designed network of local websites. The cost is $45,000 per year. 

  • CREATE A MASSIVE WEB PRESENCE- Drive over 100,000 people to a specific web page, podcast, or video per month, generate over 50,000 free email signups, and dominate the search engines for 30 major key phrases, while creating over 10,000 organic mentions through content marketing- this plan engages all of our assets to achieve its results within a year. The cost is $350,000 or $30,000/month.

Set up an appointment to review your needs and create a custom plan for your organization, business, or campaign.

Contact us at 1 (717) 418-9309 or email bill@freedomist.com

The Freedomist is published by Freedomist LLC, owned by Publisher Bill Collier, a long-time marketing professional and political and PR strategist.

Bill Collier, publisher of the Freedomist since 2007, is a political strategist, web designer and developer with extensive experience in new media, including member enrollment, community governance, and mobilization.

Collier’s experience in the political arena spans decades in political organizations, campaigns, and industries.  His behind-the-scenes work in traditional media, business marketing, marketing research, and public relations has proved significant to some of the major political developments of our time.

By using The Freedomist to market your message, products/services, or cause/candidacy, you are gaining 30 plus years experience in obtaining impressive results which will be used to bring you success.

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William Collier, an Internet and social media prodigy, is poised to play an important future role.”

Dr. Arthur B. Laffer

TIME Greatest Minds of the 20th Century (1999), holder Presidential Medal of Freedom