Drones are the present and future of war, be it ‘conventional’ or ‘unconventional.’  The recent attempt to assassinate Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi using drones is the latest example of the growing reliance on drones to deliver lethalility.

After the assassination attempt, which left the Prime Minister with a minor injury on his hand, tensions are high as Iranian backed militias surround Baghdad’s still extant green zone, now run by the Iraqi government.

Tension Rises in Iraq After Failed Bid to Assassinate PM

From www.cbn.com
2021-11-08 08:44:18


BAGHDAD (AP) — The failed assassination attempt against Iraq’s prime minister at his residence on Sunday has ratcheted up tensions following last month’s parliamentary elections, in which the Iran-backed militias were the biggest losers.

Helicopters circled in the Baghdad skies throughout the day, while troops and patrols deployed around Baghdad and near the capital’s fortified Green Zone, where the overnight attack occurred.

Supporters of the Iran-backed militias held their ground in a protest camp outside the Green Zone to demand a vote recount. Leaders of the Iran-backed factions converged for the second day on a funeral tent to mourn a protester killed Friday in clashes with security. Many of the faction leaders blame the prime minister for the violence.

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