PGC – As I have said in other articles covering CRT, there are aspects to CRT I myself am aligned with, but, at its core, CRT has a built-in assumption that ‘whiteness’ is a genetic culturality that is creating the evils of the world.  No matter how you slice it, no matter the historical ‘evidence’ you might use to condemn a whole group of humans for merely being a certain genetic ethnicity, what you are proposing is flat out against egainst law and our existing constitution.

Watching public school teachers who choose to comply with the worst parts of CRT, the parts that condemn whole races of people for being born alone, has been disheartening to myself and probably many others, but some choose to stand up, some choose to resist, and, apparently, this woman, Stacey Deemer is one of those teachers.

The teacher is suing the Illinion School District claiming that teaching children that human beings who are born of a certain race are inherently racist is against the school district’s own equity policies, let alone against state and federal laws as well, in addition to being unconstitutional.

Teacher lawsuit: School district’s ‘equity’ policies violate civil rights, U.S.

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2021-08-07 19:05:19
College Fix Staff

An Illinois teacher’s lawsuit claims her school district’s “equity” policies violate federal civil rights laws and the U.S. Constitution.

According to a Heritage Foundation report, the Southeastern Legal Foundation’s suit on behalf of teacher Stacy Deemar claims Evanston/Skokie School District 65 taught that “to be less white is to be less racially oppressive.”

It also taught that “white identity is inherently racist” and that “teachers who disagree with these principles are ‘racists.’


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