A Facebook whistelblower will claim the company failed to take multiple warnings seriously leading up the events surrounding the Capitol on January 6th, 2021.  Facebook plans on getting in front of the story that seems to have legs and seems to be building negative momentum against the Silicon Valley leviathon.  They will attack the credibility of the whistleblower and claim they knew full well the science and did all they could to minimize the damage.

The whole affair is also a symbol of the cycles of moral clout public scalping Facebook itself has enabled, and is now on the ‘being scalped’ end of the latest public moral clouting.  Here’s how we got here and where we’re going next:

Facebook chose to advance a particular narrative after the January 6th Capital Hill Incident that is sometimes called a Riot, sometimes called a Protest Gone Bad, sometimes called an Insurrection, and sometimes called literally Apocolypse itself.  Facebook chose to go with the Apoclypse Iself narrative and treated any information that might be shared that might offer a counter to the Apoclype narrative, one that would lead the non-poliitcally engaged to assume that a man dressed a buffalo almost single-handeldy brought down the American state.

Nevermind those ARs, boys, mind the buffalo head men.  They can just walk into the Capital and boom, all those military advantages just evaporate before the might of the buffalo-headed men.

Well, that decision to throw in with the Apocolypse version of “The Incident of Jaunary 6th on the Capitol Hill” might potentially backfire.  You see, leading up to the event that almost lead to literally wholesale Mad Max Anarchy across the American lands themselves, Facebook allowed people to stream, stream, stream, and share, and group-up, and organize, and, and, and…..

I am assuming you are getting the picture here.  The very sicophants of the cult of the DNC these Facebook execus were placating AFTER “the incident” are now using Facebook’s own characterization of the event through what it has censored after the event, action that demonstrates, in this writer’s opinion, not only an advocation of the Apocolyptic narrative, but a coercive enforcement of that assumption on its users.  Any expression that challenged the DNC official narrative of “the incident” would be censored, and if the user repeated this offense, the user themselves woud be removed.

And now, that hardball approach to post-1-6 has left Facebook vulnerable to the same people they chose to enable, the rabid adherents of the DNC party line, which, at this point in the political discouse, represents that vast overwhelming majority of the ‘left,’ even the so-called anarchist left, who seem more inclined than ever to cheer on corporate censorship and massive state spending bills that are thousands of pages long and will produce tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of regulatory code through which the interests of the few will be protected from the liberty of the many.

But, it might give some people here and there some sugar to get them through the apocolypse, so, that’s good, and that’s about the best the ‘left’ will ever get from the international party they seem so willing to serve, the DNC.

Be careful the mosnters you create, though, DNC, and don’t be so trusting of the models your deep learning machines are showing you to follow.  We humans will not be pinned down by machines and you’re soon to discover this truth.  Here, Facebook’s machines did not protect the executives from the beasts they were creating, the people that thrive on public scalpings for their primary source of power, the acolytes of the DNC.

They will pick your bones apart in a second if it means moral clout as defined by the DNC.

This unquenchable hunger, the acolytes of the DNC as a spirt, seeks revenge to offer it but a moment of rest from the burden of such desires.  The buffalo-headed men are rotting in jail, even as we speak, and culturally, they are mostly buffoons and mad, but inept, terrorists who sought to restore the KKK to world power once again.  The vanquished buffalo-headed men are now just leftist menes floating freely on this same Facebook platform.

The hunger artists in reverse have a new delicious dish to eat, one which could afford them even more power to strip the bones off the latest opportunity for public moral clout scalping. their source of sustenance.  That dish, of course, is Facebook, and a whistleblower is about to come forward and declare that Facebook was told it was enabling the January 6th Apocolype but did nothing about it.

Facebook is seeking to pre-empt the damage by going on the offenseive against the whisteblower before they ever speak.  Facebook aims to discredit the whisteblower’s claims in advance by asserting they did all they could and followed the science that suggested what they should do next (what their deep learning think-tanks were ‘suggesting’).

Perhaps the machines predicted more placation after the election was declared for Biden than actually occored.  Who knows? Either way, schadenfreude would not be inappropriate here for so many of us hemmed in by the new morality of the DNC as upheld by Silicon Valley, in this case.  Watching the suits of Facebook having to face their own moral puritanicalism from people who have moral clout than them will surely be a glorious thing to behold, to a point, but when the kids make up (and they will) it will result in at least a short-term bad outcome for the rest of us, even  more governance placed in the hands, directly, of the most active of moral clout activists, the hunger artists of the DNC.

Facebook goes on offense ahead of whistleblower revelations on Capitol riot role

From www.independent.co.uk
2021-10-03 21:49:04
Sheila Flynn


Facebook was on the offense this weekend as the clock ticked down to a company whistleblower coming forward with revelations about the social network.

The whistleblower is due to reveal their identity on news programme 60 Minutes on Sunday. The former employee, who has turned over thousands of potentially damaging documents regarding company policy, is expected to allege that Facebook had dismantled security protections too soon after the 2020 election, contributing to the fallout and Capitol riots; disregarded or failed to disclose damaging research; and profited from users sharing divisive content.

The social media giant has been accused of failing to adequately address known harmful consequences of its platform and its tools. Key amongst the criticisms is that Facebook has contributed to the 6 January storming of the Capitol, political polarization across America and even negatively affected teens’ mental health.


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