The Grizzly Bears and the Indiginous humans that have shared the same geographic space along the coast of British Columbia are integrally tied to one another beyond anything that anyone could imagine. Researcheers from the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, with other working groups working in collaboration with them, began looking for Bear DNA with no idea that it would lead them to discover that the DNA of these Grizzly Bears map right on to the structure of the language these indigionous people have been using.

‘Mind blowing’: Grizzly bear DNA maps onto Indigenous language families | Science

From www.sciencemag.org
2021-08-13 05:25:00



The bears and Indigenous humans of coastal British Columbia have more in common than meets the eye. The two have lived side by side for millennia in this densely forested region on the west coast of Canada. But it’s the DNA that really stands out: A new analysis has found that the grizzlies here form three distinct genetic groups, and these groups align closely with the region’s three Indigenous language families.

It’s a “mind-blowing” finding that shows how cultural and biological diversity in the region are intertwined, says Jesse Popp, an Indigenous environmental scientist at the University of Guelph who was not involved with the work.



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