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What happens just after the Republicans get a stunning across the board victory in Virginia,  turning the state Red overnight?  What happens just after the GOP sees the Democrats BARELY hold on to the New Jersey Governorship?  What happens when the New Jersey Senate President loses to a candidate that spent less than $200 on his campaign?

What happens when Biden’s approval rating are tanking and the GOP leads in every major issues category in confidence by double digits?

What happens is a number of GOP House Members and GOP Senators go along with the Democrats and award them with a major policy victory whose power, in the form of over $1 trillion magic mostly digitial dollars as far as we’re all concerned that will create and empower whole Democrat-direct-and-adjacent centers of power for a decade or more to come.

The GOP did this to assure that the press wouldn’t treat them bad, no doubt, and accuse them of being meanie heads to the poors and the planets what needs our trillions here and now.  My inner GOP voice is glitching out again, as you can clearly read from the previous sentence.  But I should be forgiven in that my inability to make sense of the motivations of people who call themselves GOP is only compounding itself with this latest accomplishment by the GOP, to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and own that L as if they were the ones that just lost a significant state to the Democrats and THEIR President’s approval ratings were in the toilet.

But I digress.  Back to the plan.  Here’s what’s next, according to CNBC-

What’s next for Biden Build Back Better plan

From www.cnbc.com
2021-11-08 16:47:54


While many Democrats let out a sigh of relief when the House passed a bipartisan infrastructure bill on Friday, the party has a grueling few weeks ahead of it to enact the rest of its economic agenda.

The more than $1 trillion package that would refresh transportation, broadband and utilities fulfills one part of President Joe Biden‘s domestic vision. Democrats now have to clear multiple hurdles to enact the larger piece, a $1.75 trillion investment in the social safety net and climate policy.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has said Democrats aim to pass the social spending bill by Thanksgiving.

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Here’s a few key points to take away from this little blurb-

“transportation, broadband and utilities” – the Bill has far more reaching consequences than these rather inocuous labels themselves,

“fulfills one part of President Joe Biden‘s domestic vision” – The GOP gave that PR sentence to the doddering Biden, and they did it to get along in DC, at the end of the day, and New York, and California, where all the powerful like to dance and sing behind closed doors where masks are absent except on the faces of the hired poors that serve their victuals to them on silver platters.

The machine knows no mercy, and thus has chosen to take this opportunity to spike the GOP-enabled football by using it tease rising GOP star Ron DeSantis right in his own state with an accusation of being for the dumbs, as this article would have you believe in between the implication of its tones.

Ron DeSantis disses federal infrastructure bill, but state will benefit

From floridapolitics.com
2021-11-08 15:33:16


Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday criticized the $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework President Joe Biden will sign into law this week, alluding to “pork barrel spending” and again overstating the case against an obscure study tucked away into the legislation.

The Governor, who was in Zephyrhills with legislative leadership reasserting stands against vaccine and mask mandates ahead of Special Session next week, offered to local media what seemed to be surface-level critiques of the latest tranche of federal spending from Democratic-controlled Washington DC.

“So, um, I think it was a lot of pork barrel spending from what I could tell,” DeSantis said, not offering specifics.

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Here is the key passage where the subterfuge lies and news becomes coercive agit prop-

“offered to local media what seemed to be surface-level critiques of the latest tranche of federal spending from Democratic-controlled Washington DC.” – This presupposes that DeSantis is wrong in why he would call it what he called it (no spoilers).  The assumption is the description could not be accurate if he would have actually read the bill.  He must be a big dumb doo doo head.

In the quote here, the editorial term added to an alleged straight news piece is “not offering specifics.”  This is again to reinforce the previous underlying tone of DeSantis not really knowing what he is talking about.

“So, um, I think it was a lot of pork barrel spending from what I could tell,” DeSantis said, not offering specifics.

The presupposition is that DeSantis could not have come to the conclusion, after either reading it or getting briefed from those who had read it, that the now-passed bill is anything but pork barrel spending..  The article goes on to site the fact that Florida itself will get some of this pork barrel spending as some sort of rebuke to DeSantis’ claim that the bill is, in fact, pork barrel spending.

How do our corporate powers that be like this pork barrel spending bill?  (See what I’m doing here by just calling it a pork barrel spending bill is a version of what we in the sales biz call ‘assuming the sale,’ talk as if it’s a done deal,  or, in this instance, like the nature of the bill being a pork barrel spending bill being a matter of fact by the very way in which I deliver it as a matter of fact.  This is a favorite tactic of the agit prop partisans of the DNC.)

Well, the corporate powers that be LOVE a bit of that pork barrel spendking, and we can see that in the following news blurbs.

Dow hits record high as infrastructure bill lifts cyclicals

From www.amny.com
2021-11-08 15:50:32


The Dow hit a record high on Monday as the passage of a $1 trillion infrastructure bill lifted industrials, materials and other economy-focused sectors, while Tesla fell on top boss Elon Musk’s plan to sell about a tenth of his stake.

Six of the 11 major S&P 500 sector indexes were higher in early trading after Congress on Saturday passed the long-delayed infrastructure bill hailed by President Joe Biden as a “once in a generation” investment.

“I think there is investor interest once again in the industrial and material sectors now that the infrastructure package has been passed,” said Sam Stovall, chief investment strategist at CFRA Research in New York.

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4 ‘Fresh’ Infrastructure Stocks to Buy Now That a Bill Is Passed

From www.barrons.com
2021-11-08 15:41:00


Caterpillar and other machinery stocks made gains early Monday after the House of Representatives passed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill at the end of last week.

Heavy-equipment manufacturer Caterpillar (ticker: CAT) was one of the biggest risers in Monday trading, jumping more than 4% as the bill paved the way for billions of dollars in new funding for infrastructure projects. Farm…

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Infrastructure Funding Electrifies EV Charging Stocks

From www.barrons.com
2021-11-08 15:53:00


Electric-vehicle stocks were charged up Monday, riding a wave of optimism after Congress passed a $1 trillion infrastructure package that provides billions of dollars of funding for the EV industry.

The measure passed by the House Friday evening provides $7.5 billion for building a network of electric-vehicle chargers over five years, with the potential for additional funding.

The bill allocates $5 billion to expand EV-charging stations along highways and an additional $2.5…

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Cleveland-Cliffs, Raw Materials Stocks Rise on Infrastructure Bill Passage

From www.barrons.com
2021-11-08 16:53:00


Shares in companies that make construction materials were moving higher Monday after the House of Representatives passed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, paving the way for major spending on construction.   

The bill, passed Friday after months of debate, authorizes current spending and commits $550 billion in new federal dollars that will head toward roads, bridges, and highways, as well as improve internet infrastructure and the electric grid, among other projects.

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Here’s a bit of scraps for the faithful:

U.S. synagogues, nonprofits eligible for energy upgrades in new infrastructure bill – U.S. News

From www.haaretz.com
2021-11-08 15:50:00


A new piece of legislation passed with Congress’ massive bipartisan infrastructure bill on Friday will put $50 million into upgrading the energy efficiency of synagogue, religious school and other nonprofit buildings.

The Nonprofit Energy Efficiency Act, a bill that was first introduced in the Senate by Sen. Amy Klobuchar and John Hoeven, will allow houses of worship and nonprofits to apply for grants. The $50 million will be overseen by the Department of Energy, with each entity eligible for a grant of up to $200,000.

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Over the course of the next few weeks, we will try to dive deeper into this pork barrel spending bill and find out just what they mean when they say infrastructure, and specificially, “transportation, broadband and utilities.”