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France faces Coup Threats Related to Inability to End Torror According to Own Military – Topic Report

France threatens ‘coup-plotting army staff’ with JAIL – www.dailymail.co.uk

From www.dailymail.co.uk Excerpt:  A group of retired soldiers who have raised the prospect of a military coup to ‘save’ France from radical Islam are to lose their pay and privileges of rank, the country’s armed forces chief said today.

The 18 serving officers who backed their calls have been threatened with jail.

Defence chief General Francois Lecointre said he would take disciplinary action against the generals and retired officers, who were among 2,000 who signed an open letter to the French President.

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18 French active-duty servicemen to face MILITARY COURT over open letter blasting ‘Islamist hordes’ & looming ‘civil war’ — RT World News – www.rt.com

From www.rt.com RT Excerpt:  Eighteen French servicemen, who have been identified as signatories of a letter warning President Emmanuel Macron about a looming “civil war,” will come before a military court, the Armed Forces Chief of Staff said.
Each of the identified soldiers and officers would appear before a higher military council, the Armed Forces Chief of Staff, General Francois Lecointre, told Le Parisien. All of them would be subjected to “disciplinary sanctions,” with the harsher ones reserved for the most senior ranks, he added.

“I believe that the higher the responsibilities, the stronger the obligation of neutrality… is,” the general said. The chief of staff also said that those among the semi-retired generals who signed the controversial letter could potentially be forced to leave military service and go into full retirement.

“These generals will each appear before a higher military tribunal. Following this procedure, it will be the President of the Republic who will sign a decree on [their] retirement,” Lecointre said.

Former Generals Warn That France Could Descend Into Civil War – futurism.com

From futurism.com Dan Robitzski Excerpt: A bizarre letter condemned by the government blamed racial minorities for putting France “in peril.” Controversial Warning About 1,000 current and former French soldiers — including 20 retired generals — signed onto a bizarre, racist letter in the right-wing publication Valeurs Actuelles warning of a potential civil war in the country’s […]…

Marine Le Pen Warns France Will Face ‘Explosion’ in Security If Macron Re-Elected – sputniknews.com

From sputniknews.com Excerpt: Europe 17:52 GMT 27.04.2021Get short URL The politician’s statement comes in the wake of an open letter signed by 1,200 former and present members of the French armed forces, which has come like a bombshell as it warns Paris of the country’s alleged looming “disintegration” and the start of “civil war” if […]…

France unveils new counterterrorism and intelligence bill – abcnews.go.com

From abcnews.go.com Excerpt: The French government has unveiled a new counterterrorism and intelligence bill aimed at better preventing attacks, notably via a greater surveillance of extremist websites By SYLVIE CORBET Associated Press April 28, 2021, 1:33 PM • 2 min read PARIS — The French government on Wednesday unveiled a new counterterrorism and intelligence bill […]…

Some Terrorist Attacks in France Committed by Illegal Immigrants, Prime Minister Says – sputniknews.com

From sputniknews.com Excerpt: Europe 14:40 GMT 28.04.2021Get short URL PARIS (Sputnik) – Some radicals who have committed terrorist attacks in France are illegal immigrants, so the government must handle the illegal immigration issue, Prime Minister Jean Castex said on Wednesday. “Some of the perpetrators of terrorist attacks have recently arrived in our territory and remain […]…

France to unveil anti-terrorism bill days after attack against police officer – www.euronews.com

From www.euronews.com Excerpt: An anti-terrorism bill that would enable French security services to increase its use of a controversial “algorithm” technique to detect potential threats is to be presented to the French cabinet on Wednesday. The text, presented by Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, essentially reinforces an arsenal of provisions that already exist but that the […]…

French Prime Minister Macron’s government unveils plans for new anti-terrorism legislation – www.washingtonpost.com

From www.washingtonpost.com By Rick Noack Excerpt: The far-right has also sought to capitalize on a string of attacks over the last seven months, including the beheading in October of a French teacher who had shown his students caricatures of the prophet Muhammad. The specter of terrorism returned last Friday, when a man fatally stabbed a […]…