China America Corporations Politicians Sold Out Communist Party

How American Power chose China over the American People – Editor’s Choice Report

Episode 921 – China Hands … How American Elites Sold Us Out to the Chinese Communist Party- Right – warroom.org

From warroom.org Elizabeth Excerpt:  War Room is joined by Clyde Prestowitz, author and China expert, for the full hour for a deep dive into how American elites led to the rise of the Chinese Communist Party.

First up, Prestowitz explains how Communist China was on the verge of collapse — but George H. W. Bush kept the regime alive.

After saying the goal is not to “hold it back,” Secretary of State Blinken says China’s goal is to dominate the world.

Capitalist Manifesto

Adolescent Brains Are Wired to Want Status and Respect: That’s an Opportunity for Teachers and Parents – www.scientificamerican.com

From www.scientificamerican.com Lydia Denworth Excerpt:  Over the past 15 years neuroscience has dramatically changed our understanding of the structural and functional changes in the brain during adolescence, which runs from around the age of 10 all the way into the mid-20s. It is a time of rapid brain growth and neuronal fine-tuning when young people are especially sensitive to social cues and rewards. More recent research has focused on how the adolescent brain interacts with the social environment. It shows that social context and acceptance strongly influence behavior. Adolescence might even constitute a sensitive period for social and emotional learning, a window of time when the brain is uniquely primed by neurochemical changes to make use of social cues for learning.

A growing group of researchers and clinicians see these neuroscientific findings as a chance to do things differently. When a young brain is looking for experience, teachers, parents and other influential adults should seek to capitalize on the richness of learning and stave off negative experiences such as smoking or drug use. This was a central idea in the 2019 National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine report on the promise of adolescence, which called for investments in programs and interventions that use the brain’s capacity to change during adolescence to promote beneficial shifts in young people’s life trajectories.

Journalism Is Riddled With Bias, Narrative Setting, and Pack Reporting- Right – www.dailysignal.com

From www.dailysignal.com Tim Murtaugh Excerpt:  In recent weeks there have been a series of glaring examples in which members of the mainstream press have not exactly covered themselves in journalistic glory, and they extend a pattern in journalism that is disturbing.

In the Dallas suburb of Southlake this week, local elections made national news largely because of controversial left-wing attempts to impose critical race theory on public school students.

While sounding benign on its face, critical race theory in schools is actually the indoctrination of children with the notion that people are either oppressed or oppressors, depending on the color of their skin.

Twitter hears from record respondents over world leader rules – Reuters

From Reuters Excerpt:  Twitter Inc has received a record number of responses to a survey on how it should handle world leaders on its site, a spokeswoman said on Tuesday, an issue in the spotlight ahead of the possible return of former U.S. President Donald Trump to Facebook.

Twitter, which permanently banned Trump after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, in March began soliciting the public for input on whether world leaders should be subject to the same rules as other users and if they break a rule, what type of action should be taken.

The company has received nearly 49,000 responses globally in 14 languages, the spokeswoman said. Its month-long survey asked questions like whether world leaders breaking Twitter’s rules should face “greater or lesser” consequences then other users and whether it was ever appropriate for Twitter to permanently suspend the account of a current president or prime minister.

“As our teams review and distill the data, we’ve been looking for key themes, new ideas, and creative thinking so we can begin to develop an update to our approach and consider next steps,” the spokeswoman said. She declined to say at this time what the responses showed about users’ views.

Diner brandishes gun at BLM protesters during demonstration over police killing of Breonna Taylor – www.independent.co.uk

From www.independent.co.uk Maroosha Muzaffar Excerpt:  The demonstrators were marching to Churchill Downs on Saturday to demand justice for Breonna Taylor, who was shot dead by local police in a botched up drug raid last year.

The diner was eating at upscale French restaurant La Chasse when he confronted at least 50 BLM protestors and pulled out a gun.

Alicia Smiley, the local police spokesperson told the media that “multiple armed protesters entered the restaurant property, which included outdoor dining space.”

The footage captured by a local reporter of the gun-wielding diner soon went viral on social media.

Finnish Lawmaker Faces Jail for Sharing Bible Quote About Homosexuality- Right – www.dailysignal.com

From www.dailysignal.com Tony Perkins Excerpt:  In a case that’s stunned the West, Finland’s former interior minister and leader of the Christian Democrats has been criminally charged for posting a picture of the Bible, opened to Romans 1:24-27. She was disturbed by the Evangelical Lutheran Church joining a gay pride event and decided to remind it what God says about homosexuality. Now, after a two-year investigation, the tweet could put her behind bars.

The saga, which has involved three police interrogations since 2019, rose to a fever pitch last month when the former MP was officially charged with “hate speech.” Finland’s prosecutor, according to reports, called the actions derogatory and discriminatory.

Päivi Räsänen fired back, insisting, “I do not see I would have in any way defamed homosexuals whose human dignity and human rights I have constantly said to respect and defend.” As a former government minister, she says she’s “shocked” the situation has elevated the way it has.

New Zealand concerned about China’s human rights abuses, avoids calling Uighur treatment ‘genocide’ – www.news24.com

From www.news24.com Excerpt: New Zealand’s parliament passed a motion expressing “grave concern” at human rights abuses by China against Uighur Muslims. New Zealand’s government however stopped short of labelling the treatment of the Uighurs as “genocide”. At least one million Uighurs have been held in forced labour camps in Xinjiang, with women reportedly forcibly sterilised. […]…