After a report claimed that Facebook’s Instagram was having a deleterious effect on the psyche of teens, preying on their anger, and their sense of body worth thanks to the rise of instagrammodels, the mega corp is halting its development of Instagram for Kids until such time as the eyes of the world are no longer on them.  Perhaps Facebook could claim any article or video that suggests this report is valid could be termed “misinformation,” and thus give Facebook full leeway to assure the bad report doesn’t get shared.

Well, maybe not just yet, but, it’s coming.  When the mob goes on to the next outrage, Facebook will quietly resume its efforts to commodify the minds of children around the world.  Cool.  Everyone buckle up, the next few years are gonna be even MORE FUN than the last few.

Facebook pausing development of Instagram for kids after pushback – Fox Baltimore

From foxbaltimore.biz
2021-09-27 13:34:09


Facebook is putting a hold on the development of a kids’ version of Instagram, geared toward children under 13, to address concerns that have been raised about the vulnerability of younger users.

“I still firmly believe that it’s a good thing to build a version of Instagram that’s designed to be safe for tweens, but we want to take the time to talk to parents and researchers and safety experts and get to more consensus about how to move forward,” said Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, in an interview Monday on NBC’s “Today” show.

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