PGC – The Biden administration promised to be party of compassion that was going to help the poor, not forget them, like they allege Trump did.  A big part of the relief the people in the time of Covid have received is a suspension of obligation to pay rent.

Now, as the expiration date on the moritorium on evictions rolled on by, the Democrats made little to no effort to come up with any serious effort to either extend the moritorium or offer some other aid in another way to some of these families.

Now, the people that voted them into office in the first, and hopefully last, mass mailer election in US history are now upset at at all the envelops and stamps lost investing in this fantasy the DNC was offering.

The issue itself is complex, especially for we Christians, as we continue the prospect of millions of Amereicans, many families, potentially suddenly becoming homeless.

On the other side of that tragedy is the owner of the property, assuming they’re not of the ACTUAL metaphorical and maybe slumlord variety, who has had to continue to pay taxes  on that property, who, i assume, has still had to make repairs if and when something went wrong, who also has a family, and contrary to popular opinion, most people that own property they rent aren’t banor lords living super economically secure lives.

They drive almost new cars like most of us.

So how can I personally not feel for them as well?

But there is also a less ‘appeal to emotions’ reason why what might be about to happen will be really bad not just for the people getting evicted, but for the ripple effect such  sudden mass eviction might cause throughout our communities, as all around us suddenly a whole significant portion of humans find themselves on the outside looking in.

I wonder if I have to draw a detailed description or not to rely on your imagination to see the inherent problems of such a scenario.  I wonder if the DNC itself is not relying on the fruit that such chaos might produce in scaring more and more poeple to accept a new non-bill-of-rights reality, as they pivot America toward the China-Soc model, where billionaires can exist while Communismz for the poors.

Whatever your view of the ethics involved in this affair, the rights of the property owner versus the human rights of the families (using the terms of the factions, not an endorsement of either), the pragmatic reality is such a sudden break could cause significantly unstable outcomes that will hurt the vast majority of us not in the long run, but in the short term.

Perhaps, perhaps if the government really wanted to solve the problem they could just print more magic money and pay the landlords, and stop property tax charges, if they REALLY wanted to offer aid in time of shutdown that could keep the universe at some level of peace when America needs it.

But that, my friends, does not appear to be what the DNC wants for the project they hope to make of us all.

Looming US evictions spur growing concerns, calls for action | Housing News

From www.aljazeera.com
2021-08-01 16:01:12



Concerns are growing in the United States after a nationwide moratorium on rental evictions during the coronavirus pandemic expired this weekend, threatening to make millions of Americans homeless as early as Monday morning.

A freeze on evictions expired at midnight on Saturday, triggering a…


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