Biden Election May be More Magic Math Than Votes – Brief

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Our stance here at The Freedomist regarding the election is that it was a mass mailer election.  This fact alone calls into question the legitimacy of the election, but in terms of the reality of power, the Biden administration is in charge and won’t be surrendering power anytime soon.  Still, it bears taking in the climate we live in where posting dissenting views is now considered anti-democratic, when the underlying purpose of democracy is supposedly liberty, a liberty defined by the Bill of Rights.

This item from Redstate purports to show how Team Biden might have pulled off the biggest scam in US history using a process called adjudication to create votes out of thin air.

Did Adjudication of These Votes Provide The Hologram’s Margin of Victory? – RedState- Right – redstate.com

From redstate.com Excerpt: As the table shows, Biden received over 15 million more votes than Hillary Clinton did while President Trump exceeded his 2016 vote total by over 11 million votes (unprecedented for a presidential reelection campaign in which he also received the highest percentage of non-white votes of any Republican candidate since 1960). The Democrat popular vote margin over President Trump increased by ~4.2 million votes from 2016 to 2020 while the WIMP vote from 2016 to 2020 decreased by nearly the same amount (~4.3 million). The similarity of the numbers is highly suspicious.