The Anti-American Neo-Marxianesque cult teachings of Critical Race Theory are apparently more essential to an American school board than taking care of disabled preschoolers in the school district.
A school in North Carolina has decided to do just that, according to documents obtained by the Daily Wire. Let’s see if the parents of that school district are pleased with the decisions of this anti-American school board serving in an American republic.

School Board Spends $7M for Disabled Preschoolers on CRT

From www.louderwithcrowder.com
2022-01-10 20:22:34
Joseph Gunderson


In a move that should infuriate every rational American, and especially the citizens of North Carolina, the state school board voted on January 5 to approve spending $7 million to provide “Equity and Cultural Responsiveness in the Early Childhood Classroom,” reports Luke Rosiak over at The Daily Wire.

“The money for handicapped preschoolers ultimately came from the federal Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs. The grant went to the University of North Carolina Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute.”

A presentation provided to describe the focus of the contract describes several tenets of Critical Race Theory, an element of public education pedagogy that has become increasingly unpopular with parents over the past few years, so much so that parents have been lining up to tear school boards to shreds over it and other forms of radical politicization in the classroom.



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