The American government has long been controlled in whole or in part by the Corpostate Nationalists.  Its decisions regarding China having access to the American people has been the most obvious evidence of this unholy alliance.  The United States government has allowed China into our world, our markets, and into the hearts and minds of our very children.  Our media centers consider Chairman Xi’s feelings and concerns far more than they do the American people. Our education centers opened their doors to the Confucus Institutes, Chinese Communist propaganda centers aimed at demoralizing American values and culture, but that, at least, appears to be coming to an end, most likely because the “communists” (Corpostate Nationalists who will ultimated betray the ‘left’ they exploit to gain the power they need) of America don’t want to compete with the communists of China.

Don’t be too excited about this end of Chinese access to our children, our American government continues to allow TikTok, a Chinese spy app designed to gather intelligence on American children to design better propaganda to further demoralize them, into our phones every day.

China on campus: Confucius Institutes collapse nationwide- Right – www.washingtonexaminer.com

From www.washingtonexaminer.com Jerry Dunleavy Excerpt:  Confucius Institutes are billed by the Chinese Communist Party as benevolent language and culture programs and once numbered more than 100 on U.S. campuses across the country. But intelligence officials, members of Congress, and the Trump administration accused them of being an arm of the Chinese Communist Party, used for propaganda and malign foreign influence purposes. In part one of this series, China on Campus, the Washington Examiner looks at how the once-ubiquitous institutions have waned over the past couple of years, shrinking in size and disappearing from dozens of colleges — including an Ivy League school once seen as its flagship program.

The Chinese Communist Party-linked Confucius Institutes are collapsing in the United States, falling from over 100 to just over a couple dozen in a few years thanks to pressure from the Trump administration and growing concern within the U.S. government about the challenge posed by Chinese influence at U.S. colleges and universities.

The U.S. government considers Confucius Institutes to be part of the Chinese government’s numerous and varied foreign influence operations, and the Trump administration increased pressure against the groups, including labeling their center in the nation’s capital to be a “foreign mission” of Beijing. While the number of Confucius Institutes in the U.S. numbered over 100 just a few years ago, they have now dwindled to what the State Department says is just 27 university sponsors currently operating exchange visitor programs affiliated with the Chinese organization, though that might not fully capture a number of other Confucius Institute partnerships the group has in the U.S.