From the grave, Hayak speaks, and he warns of the emergence of left-right fascism as once experienced in Nazi Germany, and now being played out with DNC ally, China.

Germany’s Been Down the Road to Serfdom; Now, China Is Doing the Same – merionwest.com

From merionwest.com 2021-03-02 10:00:59 (AP)In particular, Hayek took pains to point out that Nazism was a variant of socialism that was “the culmination of a long evolution of thought,” which had percolated for decades in Germany. Furthermore, “the connection between socialism and nationalism was close from the beginning,” especially among the intelligentsia who cheered for the centralization of the German state in the late 19th century. The transition from socialism to fascism was subtle but not entirely surprising given their commonalities. Above all else, these collectivist intellectuals and their practitioners in the German state bureaucracy shared a mutual hatred of liberalism, especially its main doctrines of individualism and the free market economy.

Germany’s dual experience with national socialism and communism demonstrates how easily totalitarian regimes transition into new forms of tyranny, notwithstanding their political rhetoric.