OPINION BY BILL COLLIER- The Chauvin Trial Distraction: Using The Chauvin Trial To Distract From The Need For Real Reform

Derek Chauvin may be acquitted NOT because of racism or anything nefarious on the part of the jury. He may be acquitted because the prosecution over-charged, didn’t include kesser charges, and has grossly mishandled the case. The upcoming riots will be insane. You can bet the feds will go after Chauvin for civil rights violations.

He may not be guilty under law. He may have followed the procedures he was trained to do. But whoever sees the video is outraged and the demand for a change should be very vocal. Focusing on Chauvin being guilty or not is a distraction, the real issue is that the law and police training doesn’t protect people from literally being choked out.

This shows how insane the system is and those who merely focus on paybacks for Chauvin are falling for a scapegoat distraction. The entire system needs a rewrite to clearly define and train police in a manner that doesn’t turn every cop into a Rambo wannabe.

The use of force among US police as opposed to police around the world exposes the terrible training and the state of law which endangers everyone, especially people in minority groups.

Chauvin should have been charged with criminal negligence, not murder. The bar for criminal negligence isn’t near as high as for murder and even if a jury is disgusted by Chauvin’s conduct, they can’t convict him of murder if they can’t prove intent.

This case was set up to fail so that the masses could be riled, division could be stoked, but the need for real reform could be obscured by the focus on Chauvin.