The Chinese are about to show the Americans how you do Cancel Culture like a house on fire like only China can, given the fact that it is a lot further along in the “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” evolutionary timeline than the American DNC currently is (though they are hoping to catch up as soon as possible and China is their model).

In America, for instance, the police are not called Uncle and Chairman Xi cannot on a whim decide to totally revamp the state education curriculum to reflect his socio-cultural will. We have pesky Constitutional restrictions that, while never fully stopping the state from abusing our rights, slows it down and forces it to do so more covertly than China needs to worry about.

Chairman Xi is working to cut off the power from all of his potential rivals from within, and that means making sure all centers of power in his land gravitate around his specifical regulatory will. The entertainment industry is seeing some of its stars now randomly disappear, and even less visibly, so too are its fans disappearing as Chairman Xi attempts to reconfigure the power of entertinament to gravitate around his very immediately felt power.

How envious must be the DNC to see their inspiration, the CCP, working so efficiently to sanitize life to fit within the dreams of one central head? How ambitious must be the most powerful in that group imagining maybe someday THEY will be the last head floating in the Game of Thrones Highlander Series known as American politics in current year?

The only thing missing from the DNC operation to transform the US into a China is a strong leader who isn’t distracted by sniffing the hair of young people.

See below for the “model” soon to be used here if the DNC totalitarians get their way…

Celebrity Culture “Clean Up” Campaign Targets Stars and Fans Alike

From chinadigitaltimes.net
2021-08-28 05:52:57
Joseph Brouwer

One of China’s most famous actresses has been summarily wiped from the internet as part of a “clean up” campaign aimed at celebrity culture. Zhao Wei, who starred in the über-popular TV drama “My Fair Princess,” became a billionaire through investing in Alibaba, and was the face of Italian high fashion brand Fendi in China, was digitally disappeared overnight without explanation. Her erasure happened in the middle of a Cyberspace Administration of China “special operation” against celebrity worship, which has both targeted celebrity misbehavior and imposed strict new controls on fan interaction with “idols”:

In June the office of the central cyberspace affairs commission announced a two-month special operation targeting fanclub culture, known as fan quan, which it said negatively affected the mental health of children.

[…] The 10-point list “to rectify chaos in the fan community” also included an order to “strictly regulate” celebrity managers and firms…

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