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Perspective : The Bloodthirsty Peacenik – A Short Retrospective of the Path to Savagery, From The City of Light to the Rebirth of the Caliphate

        In general, people tend like good things. This should be self-evident: good food, good sex, good booze (in no particular order), so...anything 'good' should be, well, "good" - right? Like - peace, for instance. Right? I mean, war is all about violence, blood, horror, terror, crippling and debilitating injuries and...
For Questioning the Mas
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For Questioning the Mask Mandate Science, This University Professor Was Fired

UNIVERSITY FACES LAWSUIT FOR MASK MANDATE FIRING - A University of Southern Maine Professor, Patricia Griffin, is suing the school over being allegedly fired for questioning the school’s mask-wearing mandate.  “She was fired under the pretense and pretext that she didn’t, that she wouldn’t obey the mask mandates,” said Griffin’s attorney, Stephen Smith. Prof...