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Ministry of Disinfo Won’t Track US Citizens, We Swear

Having chosen the queen of disinformation, Nina Jankowicz, to be the Czar of determining exactly what disinformation is, the Biden-appointed head of the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, wants to reassure you the American people that this whole disinformation board thing has NOTHING to do with American citizens, nothing whatsoever. The queen of...
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It’s Not Just the Right that Hates the Left

The determined, forceful resistance to the Left now growing in power and courage is a coalition of diverse peoples with diverse views. The Left would be hastening their current power advantage to continue to behave as if everyone that opposes them is a white supremacist right wing Nazi. Everytime you say Nazi, we say...
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The Priest-King Cult of Leftism

America is NOT a Democracy. Democracy is the WORST form of government there is, and it ALWAYS leads to oligarchy or dictatorship, which is where the Left wants to take America, from a republic limited by an assumption of individual rights that forms a governor outside of the individual, Rule of Law, to Rule...
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Speech that is Not Free is NOT Free Speech – Reason 276 to Reject the Left

"Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences" is the most retarded thing leftists can say that tell you who their real enemy is, government restrained by individual sovereignty. Freedom of speech means EXACTLY no consequences, outside of individuals not choosing to associate with you. Destroying lives for belief is antithetical to American living,...
Divorcing the Left from America and the Public Square
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America, It is Time to Divorce the Left

Leftist Language Game- Assume hierarchy of sin that begins with being racist as the worst sin ever that is literally killing the children. Do you hate the children, bruh? Assume racism is the number one threat to our very existence and that, because of the nature of such a plague-like existential threat to human...