What the world needs now is less white guys, guys.

That’s the message the Boston Globe is telling America even as we speak, giving hardcore corpostate legitimacy to the notion that white and male are negative qualities that should be avoided as much as possible.

Children see these headlines, hear these stories from their teachers, maybe even their parents.  I wonder how children process such demeaning stereotypes.  In about 12 years, we’re gonna find out.  That’s when the 8-year olds today will be the 20-year olds of tomorrow.

God knows what kind of factional hell these types of headlines will contribute to nudge the world towards so long as THEY remain the only voice that the vast majority of humans hear and see.

The Boston Globe is owned by the New York Times, a publicly traded company in which more than half of the stock is owned by 12 investment firms and two individuals, Carlos Slim Helu, owner of 9.87% of the company, and Mexican national, 

who has a portfolio listed at $300 million.

Carlos Slim Helu is listed as an insider in the following companies: PM / Philip Morris International, Inc. Insiders are officers, directors, or significant investors in a company. It is illegal for insiders to make trades in their companies based on specific, non-public information. This does not mean it is illegal for them to make any trades in their own companies. However, they must report all trades to the SEC via a Form 4. Despite these restrictions, academic research suggests that insiders – in general – tend to outperform the market in their own companies.

and Arthur Sulzberger Jr, owner of 4.5% of the company, with a $366 million portfolio.


2021-02-16 13G/A Darsana Capital Partners LP 10,000,000 6.00
2021-02-16 13G Capital World Investors 10,052,497 6.00
2021-02-10 13G Artisan Partners Limited Partnership 8,551,664 5.10
2021-02-10 13G/A VANGUARD GROUP INC 13,667,256 8.21
2021-02-09 13G/A Jackson Square Partners, LLC 8,430,020 5.07
2021-01-29 13G/A BlackRock Inc. 12,580,337 7.60
2020-02-07 13G/A FMR LLC 2,203,118 1.33
2019-02-14 13G/A HELU CARLOS SLIM 16,197,175 9.87
2019-02-12 13G/A WELLINGTON MANAGEMENT GROUP LLP 6,513,758 3.97
2019-01-30 13G/A Fairpointe Capital LLC
2018-02-14 13G/A JHL Capital Group LLC 4,050,000 2.50
2018-01-11 13D/A Sulzberger Arthur Jr 7,347,436 4.50
2017-02-02 13G/A Contrarius Investment Management Ltd 7,518,701 4.70
2016-02-09 13G/A PRICE T ROWE ASSOCIATES INC /MD/ 56,500 0.00

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