Israel News- Israel seizes Iran arms for Hezbollah
Israel claims seized arms bound for Lebanon
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CBC News
Israeli naval commandos seized a ship Wednesday that defence officials said was carrying more than 60 tons of missiles, rockets and anti-tank weapons from Iran to Lebanese Hezbollah militia.

The pre-dawn seizure near Cyprus was the second major arms seizure Israel has claimed and the first since 2002, when Israeli forces stormed a freighter on the Red Sea and confiscated what the military said was 50 tonnes of missiles, mortars, rifles and ammunition headed for Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip……

This latest development in the growing Israel-Iran conflict demonstrations the Obama administration’s culpability in sowing the seeds of war throughout the world by emboldening the thugs and goons of the world.  Obama has made more of an effort to reach out to the Iranian regime than he has to political opposition within his own borders.  This legitimization of evil serves only to encourage regimes like Iran to step up their efforts to trigger worldwide chaos that will usher in an Islamic worldwide caliphate.

The Israelis are finding themselves increasingly preparing for war and the concept that they can no longer rely on American power to keep the thugs of the region in their own playpens.  They too will, by necessity, act from an increasing position of base survivability, which will escalate the measures they are willing to take to stop the growing Iranian threat.

Even as the people of Iran struggle to free themselves from this insane, serial-killing regime, Obama has kept himself aloof from the Iran protests and said little of substance regarding the Iranian seizure of power.  Even as Israel appears to be the only nation in the world willing to confront Iran, the really smart folks of the UN debate sanctions against Israel for alleged Gaza atrocities.

The world has been turned upside down by the stark ineptness of a weak President who has made it clear to the world that the only thing he really wants to deal with right now is oppressing his own people through taxes and government owned and operated vehicles, banks, and healthcare centers.  Until President Obama begins to think of America first, and not the world citizens, nations of the world will continue to grow emboldened by America’s weakness under the watch of Barack Hussein Obama, the UN President.

Paul Collier

An American Freedomist

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