Freedom Mobs needed to counter Wiscons Protests led by Obama astroturfed union thugs

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Freedom Mobs Against Union Mobs Called For By The Freedomist

The Freedomist is putting out a call to freedom-minded Americans to oppose the Union mobs that are attempting to silence the voice of the People.

Union mobs are being unleashed, with the coordination and assistance of the Obama regime, in order to block efforts to reign in their power and the excessive costs they cause by their mob-like intimidation tactics. Unions are also responsible for coarsening the political discourse, ramming through anti-Christian social policies, and creating a “politically correct” atmosphere in favor of secular socialism. Freedom through godliness, self-reliance, and self-determination is not consistent with the secular socialist Union agenda and the People’s Democracy is not compatible with the Union’s mobocracy.

The only answer to a Union mob is a Freedom Mob of multiples tens of thousands of Freedom-minded Americans who just say NO to Union thuggery.

We are calling for Americans to organize themselves, whether by using our “Freedomist Communities” local gathering groups or any other group to establish local Freedom Mobs who will get into the streets ad face down the Union Mobs in their effort to shout down and shut down the voice of the People.

How can you form a Freedom Mob?

First, connect with people you know about the issue of Union mobs trying to silence the People. Tell them they need to be willing to respond “in kind” and on the street because if the People, who want freedom, are not represented on the street their voice WILL be silenced.

Second, you can either invite them into the Freedomist Communities “Freedom Mob” Group where a local sub-group can be set up or you can use groups like Tea Party Patriots, Team Sarah, or even Yahoo Groups to form an online group. This group would make group discussions and announcements much easier to facilitate.

Now that you have a group, be ready, stay informed, and when you see a Union Mob at work near you, mobilize your crew, make signs, show up, and record the event. You can download video at The Freedomist or send us your YouTube link so that we can get your message out.

Freedom Minded People MUST go into the streets. If we are not represented on the streets visibly then the journolist media will convince most of the people in the middle that the mob IS the People’s voice, even if they KNOW this to be a lie!

You have no choice. The battle for Freedom has moved to the street, so if you want to win that battle, you have to go to where it is being fought, in the street!

JOIN our “Freedom Mob Group” now!

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