Why The Renzi Pardon Matters

Bill Collier- We are happy to see that Rick Renzi has received a full pardon from President Trump over a case of a miscarriage of justice that should never have happened in this country. See the Congressman’s own press release posted here.

The prosecution and jailing of Congressman Rick Renzi in a case of politically motivated renegade lawfare by a corrupt FBI and a compromised justice system is a fair warning to all Americans that nobody is beyond persecution when political hacks weaponize their official positions of power.

The President needed to right this wrong! We should, subsequently, enact real reform to reel in the rogues in our FB and federal agencies who are abusing their powers against the rights of the American people.

The necessity of the Renzi Pardon has noting to do with anything or anyone but the American people and their sense of fair play and justice. If an otherwise above-board member of Congress, who has done nothing truly wrong, can be persecuted for crossing the likes of a political hack and her minions, what can happen to the average America?

As they say, Federal laws are so obtuse, vast, and complicated that any citizen conducting themselves in the most ethical of manners could become a target for political lawfare, which is basically ideological persecution. It happens when the “codes enforcement” people come and start harassing a potential rival to a city counselor or when a Congressman may become a rival for the governor’s race.

At issue is a land deal, but one in which all the illegal activities took place solely on the part of the persecutors in this case.

The orders to engage in illegal lawfare to take down an innocent may have come from on high, perhaps with Janet Napolitano, and  with a wink and nod of Obama’s FBI who were not pleased with Renzi’s questioning of their conduct. But the actors were the kind of people who manned the gulags in the old Soviet Union. These are people who put personal gain or petty partisan differences ahead of country and ahead of honor.

Just as with the Russia-gate persecution of a presidential candidate and his top aides, this persecution through illegal lawfare knew no bounds of the law or even of decency. The full pardon granted by President Trump was deserved and begins a process of righting this injustice.

A formal complaint and request for investigation was filed with the Inspector General and the Office of Professional Responsibility within the Department of Justice on April 10, 2019 regarding misconduct committed by Gary Restaino, Esq., an Assistant United States Attorney in Arizona (“AUSA Restaino”), and Daniel Odom, a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“SA Odom”).

The complaint was filed by Kelly Kramer, co-chair of the White Collar Defense practice of Meyer Brown, the 14th largest law firm in the U.S. Factual Findings and Sanctions by the Court against these DOJ officials clearly established that the government deliberately and with foreknowledge repeatedly engaged in corrupt and illegal acts duering the investigation and prosecution of Mr. Renzi, proving irrefutably that his trial was fundamentally unfair and that his convictions were fraudulently obtained and are without merit.

Let’s be clear- these convictions were fraudulently obtained and without merit.

Renzi’s supporters and friends who backed his pardon weren’t asking for clemency for a crime committed. The Congressman has served time and paid a fine for a crime he did not commit, that he should never have been found guilty of, through an illegal conspiracy by key people taking marching orders from political hacks.

Let’s review the top 7 crimes that this band of persecuting political hacks are alleged to have performed, in our view.

We have a typical fake dossier without any proof or substance used as if it were true, we have illegal media leaks designed to poison the well for potential juries and decrease support for the victim, you have illegal spying on Americans, you have destruction of evidence, you have a blatant witness payoff scheme, you have suppression of exculpatory evidence that would cleared the victim of this persecution, and you have knowingly sponsoring false testimony to a jury.

If all this sounds like central casting has once again produced the same typical scenario and the same typical hacks to do the dirty work, that’s because it is in fact exactly how things are done by the “powers that be” against anyone who dares cross them.

If you think a mere “conviction” in a such a rogue and corrupt system, run by immoral political hacks, is really “proof” of wrongdoing, then you are just as liable to face such a persecution scheme as a sitting US Congressman, and you don’t even have to do anything wrong.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the top 7 crimes involved in this illegal persecution through lawfare of an innocent man by political hacks which prove that this full pardon was absolutely necessary:

 1. Fabricated Dossier/”Operation Eagle” – The government investigation was driven by a fabricated dossier procured by Resolution Copper Company (a foreign-owned mining company) President Bruno Hegner (a South African citizen) and Democratic lobbyist Ron Oberwho together hired former FBI agent Jim Elroy to launch a covert plot which they code-named “The Eagle” to target Mr. Renzi in a blatant political “hit job.”

Although the allegations in the dossier were false, the scheme was handed off to the politically-driven Assistant US Attorney Gary Restaino, a staunch partisan Democrat whose wife was Arizona’s then-Governor Janet Napolitano’s General Counsel.

 2. Illegal Media Leaks and Electioneering – In the weeks leading up to the 2006 mid-term Election, DOJ officials intentionally leaked details of the politically-driven investigation of Mr. Renzi to Arizona and National media outlets, calculated to sabotage nis hopes for re-election.

 3. Illegal Wire Taps of Mr.Renzi’s Attorneys – After an evidentiary hearing in 2008, the district court found that the government had deliberately and illegally recorded dozens of attorney/client privileged phone calls between Mr, Renzi and his counsel and had lied regarding the manner in which the calls were recorded.

 4. Destruction of Evidence – In order to cover up the illegal wiretap, Special Agent Odom ordered the transcript of an illegally recorded call to be destroyed, falsely claiming it was done to “prevent agents from being tainted by exposure to the privileged calls.” However, another case agent kept a CD with a copy of this call in his unlocked desk throughout the investigation.

 5. Witness Payoff Scheme – The government repeatedly engaged in witness manipulation by inducing key witness, Phillip Aries, to make a monitored phone call to Mr. Renzi and to change his testimony to match the false narrative contained in “The Eagle” in exchange for a significant future payoff that Mr. Aries later claimed would be like “winning the lottery.”

 6. Suppression of Exculpatory Evidence – The government deliberately concealed and withheld exculpatory evidence provided by Mr. Aries regarding the nature and origins of a proposed land exchange underlying the criminal case, information that would have revealed Mr. Renzi’s innocence.

 7. Knowingly Sponsoring False Testimony to the Jury – The government contrived and knowingly elicited false and misleading testimony from Mr. Aries while under oath and deliberately concealed from the jury and Mr. Renzi, the offer of a future payoff to Mr. Aries in exchange for his false testimony.

Not only was pardon justified to right this wrong, these rogue officials and all who aided and abetted these crimes should have been thoroughly investigated for their abuse of power. But even more urgently for the future, a through reform of the FBI, which has been violating American’s rights since its inception, is absolutely necessary.

This pardon should only be the first step in this saga. We need a determined effort to address these ongoing abuses and violations of the rights of the American people by agencies like the FBI and the Federal justice system.

Full disclosure: the author is a friend and business associate of Mr. Renzi whom he came to know in the process of investigating this case against the Congressman.