What is next for America as we fight back against the cabal of freedom takers who are polluting this land with their wanton lust for power?

For many Americans, but not all, the spirit of our land and country is rooted in freedom based on virtue, liberty, and independence. The original spirit and intent of the US Bill of Rights speaks so much to our soul and being as a land and country, but this spirit of liberty does not animate all Americans and is under assualt by the cancel America crowd whose puppets are the Biden-Harris “team”, led by Harris, of course.

In tone and language, this corrupt ruling class are represented by this unlikely spokesman, Joe Biden. They depict America as bad and those who still love what America once meant as equally bad. Biden libelously claimed America is “systemically racist”, which is woke dog whistle for “kill the Constitution and plunder the producing classes to seize monopoly power!”

Biden knows this is a lie, but his masters command that he smears America and he obeys, with a quisling heart animated only by greed and ambition. They do this because everything good about America, such as our liberty and our ancient virtues, stands in the way of their violent dreams of monopoly power.

Their vision is starkly alien to the more ancient spirit of liberty so many of us love so dearly. Their America is a top-down managed nightmare where the ancient ways of freedom are cast into the gutter, where sacred rights melt away in a social justice woke rage against the very memory of this country and its history.

The Freedomist will call together, rally, and mobilize freedom builders across the land to defeat the power-craved enemies of liberty and destroy their cancel America plans!

They truly hate us and they truly want us canceled in such a thorough way that leaves us disarmed and penniless, reduced to third-world living on the outer fridge of society where outcasts must huddle. They want to cancel America and replace it with something that is more akin to the empires of the past that we fought and beat.

They want to raise a rainbow flag covered with corporate logos and tear down the Cross and Old Glory. They want the right to not only love whoever they want but to not hear ANY criticism and only to hear praise, to triumph over your religious freedom or right of free association. They want to control all your money and property, from their high tower, and enforce onerous laws and regulations upon you which they do not follow.

They have a vast overpowering network of centrally-controlled institutions, media, platforms, deep state bureaucrats, and talking heads to drone into your deep subconsious their hypnotic tune: submit and never question the mantra of your rulers. They wrap themselves in the fake banners of justice and equality but they produce injustice and inequity, they are more equal than us because we are guilty of wrongthink.

This disgusting, sprawling mountain of grubbing control freaks with an ego to match strives for mastery for its own sake, despite their virtue-signaling protestations when we rightly question their motives. The cancel America loons have gained far more power than they deserve or that any healthy society would grant to such mentally depraved and corrupt people.

Cancel America is their truest mantra, but in extinguishing the light of this country, they offer a deep, dark void of injustice and lack of agency for every person save the ruling classes they consider worthy and perhaps, and to a lesser degree, some of their pet “victims”, whose “victimhood” they use to gain support. Remember, they have no ideology, they simply use whatever mantra, promises or bogeymen they need to use to disempower and rob us for their own parochial gains.

Whether you are an opponent or a pet, your agency is what they want to take. They don’t want you to think or act in any way not programmed by them and for their never-ending, and never-satisfied lust for power and wealth. Biden and Harris are greedy, rich and powerful people whose lust for more accolades and more wealth is never satisfied. While they use the state to plunder everyone else, they will make their deals with China and grow more and more avaricious.

We do need to think about what comes next. We face a torrent of freedom-taking and human-dignity-denying acts the likes of which this land has never seen before. Our enemies, for they are no mere friendly opponents as in the days of old, want nothing less than unchecked and absolute victory and to see us ruined and powerless forever. We cannot negotiate with such relentless people.

It is time to wake up and get outside your cocoon life and all its familiar habits and patterns, as well as its old embedded assumptions and comforting excuses and delusions! It is time to risk more and invest more in this fight.

First, we must hold back this band of orc-like creatures whose very souls are darkened by the most corrupt greed this land has ever seen at sucha scale since we vanquished slavery. We must realize who opposes us, namely a small cadre of ruling class potentates surrounded and held up by a mob of fools who do not even realize they are themselves mere pets in a zoo.

Forget their ideology. That’s so 20th century. These people really have no ideology. They have avarice, that is their god and their creed. All the woke virtue-signaling dribble about racism and equality and social justice is just meant to divide and conquer and to fling angry rioting mobs at their opponents, us!

Everyone who sincerely believes these things and who therefore helps this cabal, who parrot whatever sentiment works to allow them to control a rioting mob, is a serf and doesn’t even know it.

They excell at narrative and storytelling, they are masters of manipulation, cheating, and mass hypnosis. As to actual policy and governing, they do not truly care about anything beyond that which strengthens them and eliminates their foes or competition. They want an absolute monopoly for their class, a corpostate where the lines between the government and their woke corporations are blurred.

Arguing with the cabal about their alleged Marxism is pointless. They will wear any hat necessary to gain power, even different hats to different audiences, and not bat an eye at their raging hypocrisy. They know no shame other than the shame of losing monopoly power. And make no mistake, they don’t ever again want a contested election if they can avoid it. Even if it means bankrupting a hundred million people, they don’t care how they win, as long as in the end only they have a voice and only they have power.

What then is our solution and response?

This will take multiple posts over time to explain, so stay tuned here for more. But, in general, it means local organizing to hit the streets and to create local Bill of Rights Sanctuaries, it means connecting off the platforms on a national scale for true activism that is vocal and visible, and it means seeking and building ways to become materially as independent of their systems and structures as possible to meet our basic needs.

The delusion of the people who control Biden-Harris puppets is that once they have “official” power by position all opposition will limp away defeated, never to raise a voice against them, ever again. The fictitious power of title and position, lacking any moral legitimacy for half the country, is a weak place from whence to rule. The pushback by freedom lovers isn’t going to take the roads and paths these charlatens took, where they are strong. It will take roads and paths where these charlatans are weak, namely the paths of moral legitimacy, of God-given rights, of unilateral self-reliance and rugged individualism, and of faith and virtue where the Bidens of this world dare not tread.

Our response must be sacrificial and brave, for if we lose to these wicked people our progeny are doomed. People worried about losing a job or harming their business must decide that now is the time to pull out every ounce of moral courage and put it all on the line, leave nothing off the table. Put up or shut up is the radical necessity of the hour!

We must work, volunteer, show up, speak up, rally, and give sacrificially until it hurts to those who have the skills and tools to lead and support this fight. We must truly act as if this is an emergency of the greatest scale, as if our very land was occupied by enemy forces bent on turning us all into slaves.

We must not negotiate or engage in debates. Either you are for the Bill of Rights and freedom through virtue, liberty, and independence, or you are not. But if you are not for these things, know this: we aren’t negotiating here, respect our God-given rights and dignity or we will make you respect them.

This has to be our attitude. We don’t care about their epithets or libelous smears which they use to assassinate our character. They are filthy liars whose hearts are darkened. We must realize this once and for all, period.

And by “they”, we mean the Bidens and Pelosis, the Clintons, and the such, and those who own them, who sit atop this woke ant-heap and whose very victims foolishly vote them in!

What do we have on our side?

We have truth. We have God. We have history. We have the Bill of Rights. We have our own traditions of rugged individualism and a volunteer spirit. We have family and a strong moral character. We have initiative and drive. We have the ability to connect and mobilize without a need for some central authority telling us what to do.

We are the producers. We are the builders. Everyone of us, man and women, of every race and ancestry, who loves this land and its spirit of libety, is an heir to our Founders and this is our land. This fake woke army and its true masters is illegitimate and has no right or memorial in our land.

We are the heart of America. We are the soul. We must now be her defenders and champions fighting a thousand small and local to large and national battles on every issue and in every arena until this alien and oppressive ruling class and their minions are exposed, run out of power, and lose all influence in the land.

Just as they want to forever remove our influence and voice from the land, we want to remove their influence and power from this land. Our goal is not to slow them down, it is to stop them and begin to push them out of any place of power, influence, or public trust once and for all.

It may seem odd speaking of vanquishing these enemies of liberty at such a dark hour when they seem to be getting away with so much, but this is how we must be and act or we lose. And losing is literally death for our country and doom for our progeny.

We at The Freedomist WILL act and we will rally everyone we can to the flag. Our intention is, with your help, participation, and financial support, to build a digital-to-local army of freedom builders until we are so large, vocal, and visible that no politician or corporation will cross swords with us lightly.

First we must build that army. That is the essential thing.

Too many times people go to batttle before they have an army. Our enemy has built their army, it took them decades and now that army is on the march. We have maybe 6 months to a year before our opportunity to even tell you about this idea and rally you will perhaps be diminished greatly. Now is the time to join us, because we have a plan and the means to execute it whereby most every county and local government in America will become our shield against these power-mad people.

Join us now. Be part of the liberation of this land!