By Bill Collier- Mitt Romney desperately wants to be President but WHY?

Often people who want to be President are motivated in one of four ways- they are on a power-mad ego trip, they are inspired by a cause or ideology, they have a hidden agenda, or they are being propped up as a front-person for hidden forces.

When considering a candidate one always looks for one of, or a combination of, these four motives. With our current President, whose behavior comes across to some as rather Quisling and Ahab-like, betraying America’s core values and discarding morality and ethics, it appears that he may be a front-man for hidden forces and he has a hidden agenda but that he is also on a power-mad ego trip.

President Obama’s conceited tendency to couch everything he does as “good for America” while attacking all who disagree as “putting politics ahead of the country” may in fact be a classic Freudian slip. The reality is that President Obama is doing what he thinks is best for his ideology, for his allies, and for his globalist/progressive agenda, even if that is, objectively speaking, bad for America’s economy, culture, or security.

So what is Romney’s core motivation?

Prior to 2007 he was worse than a “RINO”, he was an outright Progressive! He implemented socialized medicine in his state, he acquiesced on gay marriage, he was staunchly pro-abortion, and was generally in tune with all of Progressivism’s tenets. His Mormon faith might have informed him for all those years that he was a member of one church that his values were skewed, but when it came to politics Romney checked his faith at the door.

To this day, Romney does not deny that global warming is man-made, a “fact” that most freedom-minded people are highly suspicious of because this claim usually precedes a call for radical government control over people’s lives.

Now Romney is claiming to have had a change of heart, but since 2007 Romney has scrupulously avoided wading into any controversy and when fellow-conservatives have been attacked he has stayed on the sidelines. When people like Bachman and Palin were going after egregious offenses by the progressives in power all these past 4 years since Romney’s “conversion”, the “former” Progressive said and did nothing.

All through the past four years Romney has not taken any stands for any conservative cause or issue, unless it would help his campaign, and he has not helped any candidate, as his rivals have all done. If Romney hasn’t made any gaffs or foolish choices in the past four years it is because he has never taken any leadership role for any candidate, cause, or issue not directly related to his own campaign.

While his opponents were publicly exclaiming against progressive policies like cap and trade, stimulus bailouts, gay marriage, and more, Romney was quietly but earnestly raising money with insider fact-cats and staying mute!

Those who question Romney’s “conversion” can rightfully ask “what price has Romney ever been willing to pay for a principled stand?” His career has always been characterized as one big “conflict avoidance” journey. Did he take a principled stand in business, as governor, or as a candidate that actually cost him something personal?

One can hardly see a man whose political training occurred in an extremely progressive-dominated state, where one’s choices were moderate progressivism versus radical progressivism, to NOT fall back on those habits if he is ever in power again.

Romney’s behavior is very Progressive. He won’t debate if Donald Trump moderates, but he’s happy to have the journolist media moderate a debate. He mischaracterize his opponent’s stances and vilifies them through proxies, with media complicity, but he won’t admit when he is caught red-handed changing his tune on his socialized medicine scheme’s similarity with ObamaCare.

Romney’s attacks on Gingrich may in fact be backfiring, if one reads conservative blogs right:

Romney brings out big guns, shoots self in foot (Romney imploding) 
Legal Insurrection ^ | 12/8/2011 | William Jacobson 

Posted on Thu Dec 08 2011 14:06:28 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) by Lakeshark

Romney is losing it. His coordinated assault on Newt does not make the case for Romney.

And it’s embarrassing. Romney brought out former Congressman and former Senator Jim Talent to bash Newt’s leadership as Speaker. Talent forgets that the internet has a long memory, and that Talent supported Newt for Speaker of the House even after the issues Talent now complains about were raised:

Old Quote from Talent: Allegiance comes from Rep. Jim Talent, R-Mo., who says, “I intend to support the speaker”


As I mentioned last night, bringing John Sununu to the rescue just reminds us of the appointment of David Souter and the breaking of George H.W. Bush’s “no new taxes” pledge, in both of which Sununu played an instrumental role as Chief of Staff.

(Excerpt) Read more at …


It would seem that Romney, while he is no Obama, is a moderate progressive who has a hidden agenda that he conceals behind his new-found conservative rhetoric. It would also seem that for Romney the real motive is power while he is being propped up financially by the insider Republican progressives.

What is also clear is that when it comes to the issues and values of GOP primary voters Romney has not ever been willing to pay any price to stand up for them.