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Being A Nation Builder for Christ
Bill Collier

Jesus told us in Matthew 28 to go out into the whole world and preach the gospel, to disciple (teach by duplicating yourself in others) the nations (Ethne- Peoples with a shared identity and destiny as a People unto God) to observe all of Christ’s Commandments. Often, Christians think only in terms of preaching or street evangelism, in fact I am a huge fan of both of these things, but I want to introduce a DIFFERENT perspective on this: the perspective of being a “Nation Builder for Christ.”

Here’s the basic idea (but please realize there’s a LOT more to this, which I will share bit by bit): We can BE a “nation whose God is the Lord” amongst ourselves and WITHIN the natural nation around us as a means and as starting point for TEACHING the nations, as Christ has called us, to observe all of Christ’s Commandments! In short, we can BE the nation amongst ourselves that we are called to TEACH the nations to be!

You might be thinking “whoah, that’s a BIG deal, I mean, you’re talking about starting a country or something, aren’t you?”

The short answer is, NO, I’m not talking about a nation like a state with an army and all that. A “nation” is NOT a state or an army or political governments, it is a People with a shared identity, vision, mission, values, language, and standards who have a place in history and who have a “place of dwelling.”

The basic unit of such a nation is not the government or army divisions, the basic unit of any nation is the individual within their family and small groups of like-minded families who have a covenant-based connection to one another.

This sounds technical, so let me break it down.

A “Nation” is any group of people who have a shared identity based on shared values, missions, goals, and standards who do the activities and who serve one another in all the areas that a nation should-

serving their sacred/spiritual needs in support and with the cooperation of local assemblies of believers (the Church)

serving the economic needs of members by promoting cooperation and mutual support

serving the civic needs of members by promoting their overall freedom and safety, protecting each member’s rights, person, and property in a godly manner

serving the social needs of members through mutual assurance of help in time of need and cooperating to leverage resources and pool resources for the good of each member

The size of such a “nation”, whatever its name or unique characteristics, is not relevant, although it is clear that when individuals connect in their physical and virtual neighborhoods and when these groups, which I refer to as “Households” in the ancient sense of the term as a group of families and individuals who have a covenant-based relationship, connect together more and more resources and possibilities emerge.

What’s important, however, is that we understand a few things about “nations”:

God promised Abraham would be the father of MANY nations

The Apostle Paul, in Acts 17:26-27, showed how God is STILL calling nations (ethne) to find Him

God has been consistent and saying that nations whose God is the Lord will be blessed (Deuteronomy 28) and He has commanded us to TEACH the nations to observe His commandments (Matthew 28)

If God says He wants Nations to find Him and serve Him and observe His commandments, then it stands to reason that whatever God calls into being we can and should create FIRST amongst ourselves

Being a nation isn’t about politics or governments, it’s about covenant-based relationships amongst people who have a shared identity and mission as a People whose God is the Lord.

The idea of being a Nation Builder for Christ is to BE a nation amongst ourselves as a witness, an example, and a foundational starting point for calling and teaching the nations to observe Christ’s commandments ONE person, one family, one neighborhood, and one local community at a time.

If you decide to join or form such a “covenant nation” (I am called, in part, to help launch a new “covenant nation” based on the ideal that The People Rule by God’s Approved Wisdom), then you have to start with YOU and your wife or husband and your immediate family- to cherish and serve (agape) them in every area, to connect with others to mutually help one another in these most basic areas of help and healing, and THEN to build on that foundation to go OUT and cherish and serve others!

It’s really that simple, but you have to START with this big idea, the idea that we can BE a nation amongst ourselves that we are called to TEACH the nations to become!

It’s not us reforming the world, it can’t be reformed, it’s us being transfirgured by Christ in EVERY area and that transfigurative power flowing abroad through us by God’s Spirit to others.

Here’s a few “for instances” that Nation Builders might seek to do:

couples helping one another and even “refereeing” disputes so that they can truly receive all the blessings of being married

a core of families and single adults working together to set up a greenhouse to grow fruits or vegetables that they all share to reduce grocery bills

a local group gets together to go out door to door and discover the needs of their neighbors and how they can serve them

a member of a group of such people, what I call a “Household” (which is like an extended family), can’t afford to pay rent and another members let’s them stay with them or the members pitch in to help them it’s 3AM and a member is in an emotional crisis and has people they can call who will come to his home if need be to help him in his time of trouble

a member’s church is doing a special evangelism effort and other members, who may have different churches, step in and help

such a group of people pool resources to rent a home that they use for hanging out, letting friends/family stay there if they visit, or even to have a small fitness center for those who like to work out

This list could go on, and these are practical things, but at the root of being a Nation Builder is, first, to cherish and love your husband or wife, and then your children and immediate family, being the best wife or husband, brother or sister, daughter or son, you can be, by learning all that God has for and desires of couples and families and connecting with other families who have the same commitment to each other so that you can get help, advice, support, and counsel from others that enables you to better serve your own wife, husband, siblings, children, and etc. in Christ’s wisdom and power!

Are you a Nation Builder for Christ? This is what I aspire to be, but FIRST, I am a husband of my beloved, and my greatest ministry and calling is to cherish and serve her, then my children, and I am thankful that I have a group of siblings who are walking that same path so that I can be a better husband and father by their support and help and they can better serve their husbands and wives and children by my help and support.