Imagine an America run like leftist-controlled college campuses, filled with white shaming, wealth shaming, and fantasies of justice and prosperity through central planning. The first two causalties would be the first and second amendments to the Bill of Rights. But so too would all the other rights as well as the very economic and, eventually, the military survival of the country.

But for millions of people, life still goes on and must be lived. The trajectory toward such a result does not seem to be preventable as the spiritual and moral response needed to reverse this trajectory just isn’t happening, not even among those who are deemed to be against the loss of freedom. True, they don’t want to lose freedom, as they see it, but they also don’t want to embrace the virtues and independency required to maintain liberty.

We believe that a virtuous society where most all the time children are raised by their own biological parents who have a lifelong monogomous marital bond and in which moral probity and self-control are prized is the only real proof against totalitarianism. The general achievement of independency, a state of being whereby most people rely on themselves, their own trust community, and their local community of all fellow citizens to meet their needs and to rise only on the basis of their merit is also necessary for freedom to thrive.

When we consider the way the “right” is responding to the totalitarian left, who clearly evince a design of tyranny, we see a lack of seriousness about the real measures needed to PREVENT any tyranny from happening in the first place.

But the very measures needed to prevent a tyranny may be the type of things needed to push back and defeat any existing tyranny, or at least to remove most or all of your life from its reach. We propose a voluntary path of following virtue (both civic and moral), liberty, and independence not merely as political goals but as a lifestyle choice . If groups of people in local areas begin to take these things seriously and adopt them as their own internal norms, then more and more gaps for freedom and defenses against tyranny will grow.

We don’t make any apologies for choosing a life of virtue, liberty, and independence. If you want libertinism and dependence and if you are willing to surrender some liberty for a little security or whatever, have at it! This is not our concern. But, on the other hand, neither is our way of life your concern, and that we must insist on in no uncertain terms.

The first thing you need if or when some form of totalitarianism comes to America is a circle of trust. This must be a group of 30 or so families, around 100 adults, who are as committed to one another as if they are all of one household. You may begin with a few people, but it will take around 100 adults working together to obtain a decent level of material and financial mutual self-reliance.

Your circle of trust needs to have a strong organic cohesiveness. This means you can be very cohesive without a central command and control structure. You work together as one because your core beliefs, values, convictions, and even goals are in total harmony. Whatever that is, it should be spelled out in some form, perhaps a charter or pledge and only people of like conviction with a proven character should be admitted to this circle.

People often say they cannot find even one person who they would trust like this in their vicinity. If ever you needed proof that our society cannot resist the trajectory toward totalitarianism, this is it. Perhaps if you are a member of our platform, hosted at www.freedomist.ning.com you might find some level of mutual support and maybe meet people who live near you. One purpose of this platform it to do that for you.

Building your own circle of trust based on the kinds of beliefs, values, and convictions that reflect your own inner beliefs and goals, is the only way to reverse this trend toward a loss of freedom or to cope with things if the totalitarians win power. We must act now, while we can, to build these circles of trust among ourselves.

If you subscribe to the Freedomist you will learn more practical ways you can begin building a circle of trust in your area. But the impetus is all yours. If you are reading this and this concerns you, then stop merely griping and take back your own power.

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