STAFF- Who is Vester Lee Flanagan II? Was he the criminal involved the Roanake shooting in which a TV reporter and a cameraman were killed, Here is a Twitter photo of the alleged suspect-

Vester Lee Flanagan

Vester Lee Flanagan, Vester Lee Williams, or Brice Williams- the names the alleged killer went by. Seen in the center.

The alleged suspect has downloaded a video of the shooting, from his perspective, using a cell phone.  In the above photo, posted by the alleged killer, in the center, Vester is seen between Allison Parker (who was killed) and anchor Chris Hurst.


Here are the two innocent victims this man has killed.

Screen Shot from CNN- Allison Parker and Adam Ward were killed, tragically, on live TV.

Screen Shot from CNN- Allison Parker and Adam Ward were killed, tragically, on live TV.

Adam Ward was engaged to Melissa Ott, the morning show producer. Today we her last day on the job and she was producing the show during the shooting. It is reported the two were engaged and both were moving. Adam was a native from the area. Adam was 27 years old.

Allison Parker was engaged to Chris Hurst, a co-anchor on the morning show, who is said to be devastated by the loss of his fiance’. The two had been together for 9 months and she had just moved in with Chris only  recently. Today was reportedly her last day at the station.


During a press conference after the shooting, a reporter asked Terry McCaullife, Governor of Virginia, whether or not this shooting pointed to the need for more stringent background checks. Immediate push-back focused on the ethics of politicizing such an event, however the Democrat governor did respond by remarking about his efforts to expand background checks in Virginia.


The suspect was allegedly seen in a 2009 Ford Mustang and was thought to have been chased down I-64 in Virginia near the city of Roanoke. However, there was some dispute about whether a pursuit had occurred- the suspect was able to get to a secure location and engage in social media to explain himself, but his social media accounts were suspended fairly quickly, after which it was reported he shot himself.

The alleged killer is reportedly a disgruntled former employee who was a reporter at the station for two years before being asked to leave. It was reported that the alleged suspect shot himself, although there was no confirmation that he was deceased. Police have said there is no “active chase” and were referring to “an investigation taking place.”


Here is the  LIVE coverage seen my thousands as the events unfolded- this is video of the actual shooting and is not easy to watch. We air this because it is news, tragic and sad news, and because we should not white wash or filter the news, you may decide whether to watch it or not- it is not easy to watch.

The alleged killer posted his own video of the  killing, which we will not share as to do so gives voice to the criminal.


According to many reports, the alleged suspect claimed he was fired over racism and in his post shooting rants he continued to claim that the victims caused him to be fired, he then accuse the station staff and ownership of being racist.


While the focus of some will be political, one issue brought up and focused on was how we handle disgruntled employees and accusations, and how serious we take people who make what may seem as outlandish claims.