What you see are human beings who believe they are part of a gnostic class of super beings called the political class.  They live in a dimension in which accountability, existentiality, are distant daughters of past lovers left to the burden of raising the things, so to speak.

The California school board turned Zoom into a reporter for the people, giving them a glimpse into the reality for most of the political class that we non-polys ever get to see, the world of the gnostic class of super beings called the political class (it bears repeating).

So much more could be said, pondered, and will, if you keep reading and supporting the Freedomist, but, for now, just take in the language these school board members use to describe their knowledge, their ‘behind the scenes’ knowledge versus their interpretation of anyone (parents who just want the schools to be their babysitters) who didn’t believe their special knowledge that is accessible only to people who were elected in mostly uncontested elections.

Uncontested.  Yeah.  So much more to talk about, friends.

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