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That’s right, Boston University is going full-in with “White Bad Theory,” known in ‘polite’ circles as ‘Critical Race Theory,’ which holds that humans are the some of skin, genitals, and eros.  Nothing else really matters, and the historical patterns of skin, genitals, and eros is the totality of humanity itself.

But we can re-engineer the human if we push the human towards the “right” patterns of skin, genitals, and eros.  We’re gonna start our MASSIVE UNSCIENTIFIC ILLOGICAL experiment on your children, the younger the better, but we’re decent, so we’ll wait till they show up at Kindergarten (and they will, they will).

So this human being will take it upon herself to teach kids about ready to become the decision makers of tomorrow that life is all about skin, genitals, and eros, and the normal is evil and the rare is sacred, unless the normal is compliant or the rare is non-compliant.

She’ll teach your kids to hate and not trust anyone but the priest-kings, people like herself, who will dispense the sacred knowledge that only people of her particular humanity can bestow (all her skin, genital and eros stuff lines up to align with the sacred rare).


Boston University law school creates first critical race theory professorship in the country – The College Fix

From feedproxy.google.com 2021-02-22 01:31:58 Adam Burnett –Boston University’s law school recently announced its inaugural appointment for a professorship focused on critical race theory and antiracism, the first of its kind in the country.

The private university selected Angela Onwuachi-Willig (right), the law school dean, as the first Ryan Roth Gallo and Ernest J. Gallo Professor. The Gallos endowed the position with a $3 million gift, according to the Bostonia, the university’s alumni magazine.

Note- the definition of racism is now essentially being white, so when she is described as being antiracist, that’s essentially what that means, she’s antiwhite.  That’s her thing.  That’s how she makes a living.

Only in America folks, only in America.