Ukrainian and Russian Forces In Battle

russian bmp-1

WORLD NEWS- William Collier- In a major escalation of fighting, Ukrainian forces attacked a convoy of 12 armored Russian vehicles, among which were mostly Russian BMP Infantry Combat Vehicles with 100mm canons. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense claims to have used artillery to “destroy a major part” of this armed convoy.

The Russians have been demanding the right to send in an aid convoy which many believe is actually filled with arms and munitions, not food, to help the Russian insurgents who have infiltrated into the Eastern Ukraine. The entire “uprising” against the Ukrainian government is peopled at the top by Russians, not Ukrainians, and many of the fighters are actually Russian military in disguise, according to many open press sources in the region.

The Ukrainian government has warned Russia that crossing the border would be seen as an act war. Now the European Union has weighed in, demanding that the Russians stop sending arms and remove all personnel from the Ukraine.

Britain’s Foreign Secretary, Phillip Hammond, scolded the Russian Ambassador to the UK. He said that unless the Russians immediately remove all personnel and vehicles from Ukraine “the consequences will be very serious.”

We had originally assessed that Ukraine could indeed stand up to the Russians in unexpected ways owing to the fervor of its citizens and owing to rapid efforts to upgrade and re-organize their forces. The Ukrainians have removed and repaired equipment held in mothball, they may have received stocks of arms and equipment from Polish inventories (this is not yet confirmed), and they have added new units.  These new troops have been in training for months and are now reaching deployment stages. A Russo-Ukraine war would not be a walk-over for Moscow, only Moscow does not seem to believe that.

This attack on a Russian military convoy inside Ukrainian territory proves that the Ukrainians are serious about fighting against Russia if it comes to that. Ukrainian officials also confirmed that Russian shelling of Ukrainian positions from inside Russia is “ongoing”, and a counter artillery response to neutralize those attacks, including the possibility of shelling the Russians who are inside Russia, is not off the table.

Presently Ukrainian forces have the upper hand and, despite the fact the Russian military personnel with Russian hardware have been fighting them, the Ukrainians are surrounding the Russian/separatist forces and defeating them steadily.

This battle may point to the lack of fighting ability and prowess of the Russians compared to their Ukrainian counterparts or it may indicate that Russia has not sent in their best forces yet.

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