By Bill Collier,  Publisher- Claiming to be doing his civic duty to clear up falsehoods, while at the same time saying he isn’t the arbiter of truth, Twitter’s Jack has stepped into a personal battle with the President.  He also made a virtual declaration of war against the right.

At issue: Twitter decided to add an opinion piece from notorious political hacks (masquerading as “journalists”) to the President’s OPINION about mail-in ballots and the potential for voter fraud. The opnion piece presumes there is literally no evidence for or debate about voter fraud and mail-in ballots. This is not true, there is genuine debate and real evidence. (Even if, like myself, you don’t think mail-in ballots equal fraud, it’s not a closed debate!)

What these platforms are doing is raising the stakes. They have gained a dominant market position, so much so that it is not reasonable to think an American citizen can equally participate in the public discourse if they have limited or no access to these platforms.

Now, the solution for some may be to regulate the platforms. This is a fate for which the leftist trolls who run these platforms have only themselves to blame! Even if you instinctively recoil at the thought of regulation of this nature, watching these hamfisted tech lords get a little payback might be satisfying at some level.

The solution for others, such as Gab, a platform I own shares of, is to present themselves as an alternative and to tell the President to simply leave Twitter and move to Gab. Parler and Minds are taking a similar approach. It can be argued that if indeed the President takes this action, even if he doesn’t leave Twitter, it could change the dynamic.

In the end some believe these platforms will not always enjoy their dominant market position and if they artificially hinder the emergence of competitors, anti-trust actions could apply. For instance, issues related to payment processors punishing people and platforms for speech and thereby aiding platforms they have an interest in should be investigated.

The hypocrisy and selected enforcement by these platforms, which is always heavily focused on the most uncharitable and harsh judgment of the right and the most gracious and liberal judgement of the left, is beyond dispute. Let’s just say the science is settled and move on.

But do these platforms have a right to put their thumb on the scale? It’s a classic debate. I think the market WILL eviscerate them over this as and when new platforms emerge, and they are already beginning to. But I can only blame the close-minded political bigotry of the leftists who own the dominant platforms for provoking even anti-regulatarian conservatives into wanting to over-regualate their little empires into oblivion.

In truth, the shareholders should rebel and demand the leadership serve the market, and thus their shareholders, and leave their political bigotry out of their decision-making OR step aside.

When you take a proverbial wiz into someone’s cereal every morning, eventually they decide they’ve had enough with the insult. And the right have just about had their fill of the arrogant, condescending, self-righteous, political bigotry of the left and the platforms they now control.

We get that you lefties think the ONLY valid opinions are yours, that you don’t think you can be wrong, and that whatever you think or want to be true should be treated as “settled fact.” But we don’t care and we aren’t playing your little game by your assinine and unfair rules. That is the basic sentiment of the right, and these tech lords with their political bigotry are cutting away their market position. One day it WILL collapse. They will find that without the right, they will eventually not have a near-monpoly of the market and they may wither away and die.

Will Trump act on his threats and take action against Twitter, will the courts stop the President as they are of a wont to do, and what will Jack do as he faces the full rage of the President and the entire right who are none too amused with his doubling down over this misdeed?

Whatever happens, Jack has escalated the war between left and right and drawn a giant target on himself and his platform, as well as all the others.