Trump faces the artificial headwinds of a lying press who are handmaidens of a revolt against freedom but who are themselves expendable to their masters, the Democrats and their corporate backers.


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The September 28, 2020 Rasmussen Daily Presidential Approval polls showed Trump’s approval down from 50% to 46% as yet another press hit sensationalizing something about him, this time taxes, hits the airwaves. Most voters, over 50% at least, are driven to distraction by daily headlines and will go from approve to disapprove quickly.

In a country fairly evenly divided, with a squishy middle whose voting habits are driven by shallow concerns and soundbites, a 2% to 35 margin can be won or lost  easily. And in the case of any Republican, the headwinds are always, artificially, “rigged” but a press and entertainment complex whose partisanship knows no moral limits. In short, Republicans must always work harder and smarter, just to stay competitive. The “referees”, the press, are so far in the tank for the other side that anything less than an overwhelming performance will be seen as an abysmal failure.

The re-election of President Trump is facing artificial headwinds. If his election was a hard-fought victory against an unfair playing field, the Democrats who run all the major national institutions in this country are  determined to make it even less fair this time around. Crisis after crises, false claim after false claim, and faux controversy after faux controversy are contrived daily to keep Republicans on the defensive and keep the initiative in the hands of the Democrats. There is no daylight between news rooms and the Democratic Party, they work as one mind and body.

One wonders how the President or Republicans even have a chance. Is there a silent majority waiting to vote away the madness of the past 4 years, with sensational headlines being used to sic official agencies like ravenous dogs on innocent people? Is there hope that the electorate will see past the fraud and lies? The hyperbolic claims of the Democrats, cries of “racism” and “fascism”, go unchallenged while “fact checkers” peddle nonsense to “disprove” every word uttered by Republicans. It is maddening, infuriating, to watch and to feel helpless before a constant flood of the most vile and hateful rhetoric in our history.

One aim of all this is to discourage you and to knock you off your mark. It is meant to cause you to spend your time disproving their lies and also having to “prove” your or your candidate’s “innocent” before the kangaroo court of the howling mob of fake “journalists.” Focus instead on your principles and the real reasons you are choosing Trump and Republicans.

Is it not to preserve freedom based on virtue, liberty, and independence? Is it not to have an economy where merit and the demands of the free market triumph over central planners who would dictate your economic life?  is it not to keep pushing back against America’s foes, like China and Russia, instead of seeing another apology tour and US retreat? is it not to stop and reverse this slide toward censorship of public discourse, whether by corporate or government means, through illegitimate and dishonest accusations of racism and hate?

Say what you will about Trump, but has he promised, as Joe Biden has, to take away legitimate firearms and the means of self-preservation while wanting to defund the police and leaving you prey to the Democrat mobs running violently wild through our streets? has the President declared that his version of “Christianity” excludes those who hold to historic doctrinal and ethical orthodoxy, as Joe Biden has? Has President Trump told you how rotten and “systematically” racist America is and why our entire history reads like the Nazi era?

Joe Biden and the Democrats, and their press, want you to spend time defending every accusation and ad hominem attack because they know that if their true ideology and agenda where laid bare over 2/3rds of Americans would call them traitors and no even consider them to be Americans. They focus on tax returns and petty things like Trump’s tweets and tone, but the substance of their agenda is one that will leave you an  disarmed, speechless, wage slave whose economic production lines their pockets.

In the world of the Democrats there are three groups- victims (their voting blocs), evildoers (that’s us, just for being white and/or conservative, no proof required), and arbiters who get all the power and money (that’s the Democrats and their corporate backers). The fake press has made a devil’s pact to be the mouthpiece of this pathetic, totalitarian revolt against freedom, but they will eventual learn, if that revolt succeeds, just how expendable they are.