A Book Review – true and constant friends by Kelly Paul

When I was asked to review Kelly Paul’s new book, “True and Constant Friends” at first glance, I thought to myself, hmmm… Is this just another book about women? Boy, how wrong was I.

As I began to read the book it turned out I could not wait for the next pages of the book to be turned with the anticipation of what I would discover on the following pages.

It truly wasn’t just a book about “women” but about very personal stories of seven special relationships Kelly has kept along the way, in all her journeys, and with all the strong women, like her mother and grandmother as she continued to cultivate close ties from a very young age which continues to this day.

One unlikely example of Kelly’s relationship “progeny “shares in her book is a very candid and special relationship that is bore out with the Kelly’s family’s housekeeper Ruby while growing up. Ruby invested time with Kelly with her candid talks and she also kept Paul’s head out of the clouds while reminding her not to forget to place her heart into the world of real people.

Besides being a book about a lifetime of seven friendships, “True and Constant Friends” is a very special book that also highlights, “Brushstroke of Hope”, original works of art displayed in the pages of this book by batter and homeless women of the Family Preservation Center in New Jersey, a ministry of hope dedicated to providing refuge to battered and homeless women and their children.

It’s truly a beautiful motif of courage of broken women rebuilding their lives gingerly together by the work of their own hands as their display of artwork is carved out along the pages of this book. “Brushstrokes of Hope” will definitely evoke strong emotions within you, endearing you to Paul and all her loving friends and family members as they share their many intimate stories, together.

Paul is an authentic story teller at heart, a woman who keeps precious moments to recall and relish. Her book is filled with personal and sometime pain full stories about herself and others that define the meaning of lasting friendships; relationships that can give a place and time to share with precious lives on these pages.

It’s a well written book in a story book form making it all the more charming. Paul is a woman who has carved out her own personal motif of the people who helped mold and shape her along the way and certainly contributed to her growth as a woman, daughter, mother and friend. Truly, a book to remind us what is most important in life.

This book reminds me that it’s not often that you don’t get to keep the special people in your life and live to tell about them.

She is a truly a woman rich in friendships.