Last week I found myself sitting at a red light behind a Fiat. The bumper stickers affixed to it left no doubt who was behind the wheel of a vehicle that could fail at any moment. “Feel the Bern.”  A caricature profile of President Trump with the caption “Stop bigotry.” Lastly, a “I support Planned Parenthood.”  All boiler plate commie lib crap, except my first thought about the Planned Parenthood sticker was “Hmmm, if your mother followed through with that bunch’s raisin d’etre, I wouldn’t be sitting behind you at this light exposed to your idiocy.”

So I did something I’ve never done before. I whipped out my iPhone and snapped a picture for inspiration to write this column. Well, the little progressive spun his head almost 180 degrees to look at me. For some reason, him doing so reminded me of Linda Blair’s head spinning trick in The Exorcist.

Now I could have smiled and given him the thumbs to have him believe I was on his side, but it is the politicians he votes for who are good at pretending to be something they are not, so I was honest and let him know what I thought by giving him my best stupid face. He didn’t like that, because every time I tried to pass him after the light turned green, he cut me off. When I was finally able to pass he had his phone out to photograph me (thus demonstrating his mental prowess-I took my picture at a complete standstill!).

As I passed I smiled and laughed at him. My car is infinitely cooler than his will ever be. My 46 year old car will still be rolling long after Tony concludes, “No, I-a no thinka I-a can-uh fix it again-a-duh!”

The messages this “I’m more compassionate than you” nincompoop broadcast for all to read are the same tired talking points the Left has been peddling for decades. Bernie Sanders was correct in diagnosing some of the challenges The United States faces. It was his proposed treatment regimen that would have without question killed the patient.

By the way, are you leftists happy how the Clinton crime syndicate’s caporegimes put the kibosh on Bernie’s candidacy?  And how about Jane Sanders? As Bernie said, let’s see how the process goes.

President Trump’s bigotry? What, for wanting to put the interests of all Americans first? How about Planned Parenthood? How many more stories have to surface about ghoulish sales of baby body parts and organs, of eyeballs rolling onto the floor freaking out PP staffers and nonexistent women’s health programs will it take for you to realize that organization’s primary and singular mission is to limit the population of those it deems undesirable. Margaret Sanger, the patron saint of liberalism, was a despicable human being. Surely Nancy Pelosi, Andrew Cuomo and Joe Biden, good Catholics all, are aware of their own hypocrisy deep in the bowels of their souls.