Tioga County and The Twin Tiers Region

Become a Community News Hound in your hometown and earn a share in revenue from your content. Cover local news in your area and we will share revenue with our local News Hound Team.

Become a correspondent: We will be splitting half our revenue above revenue-sharing with local editors and base costs with citizen correspondents. You can contribute what you please, within broad guidelines. Revenue split is based on a combination of your contributions of content and traffic generated by your content.

Training: initially, everyone will sign up as a Citizen Correspondent and be able to submit content, which we will review, post, and promote for you. We will select candidates who are prolific and proficient to become local editors.

Building A Team: We will have 4 local editors serving Tioga County, one for Potter County, and others in neighboring communities as we expand our audience. Eventually, we will develop a central team consisting of a Publisher, Senior Editor, Digital Director, and Advertising Director. This team will support local editors, correspondents, and local ad representatives.

Getting started: you start by simply becoming a Citizen Correspondent. This is open to anyone who abides by our Code Of Ethics and our Citizen Journalism Standards. These are simple and, initially, you just need to sign up as you will be shown all of this. During your first 90-days we will evaluate your content, offer assistance, and determine if you will be certified as a Citizen Correspondent for The Tioga Freedom Press.

Revenue sharing with editors: it will take time to build up a local audience, although we will help with digital marketing meant to grow your reader base, but when you do build a local audience for your local edition, which we will set up and manage, you will receive 30% of revenue from ads and from paid subscriptions. We will be selling local subscriptions for $5/month, while the county edition will remain free. If your are generates 1,000 subscribers, that’s at least $1500/month revenue shared with you via PayPal.